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Kid Kurtz: On the flipside.

Is anyone triggered, like me, when they see nouveau riche types in their quest for a Ralph Lauren polo shirt with the biggest polo player insignia?

Makes me miss my Mamiya RB 6 x 7

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mcshan: I am reminded of the scene in Annie Hall when Woody Allen points out to Diane Keaton " the winner of the Truman Capote look-alike contest", played famously by Truman Capote. I have seen John Lennon lookalikes by the Strawberry Fields "Imagine" marker. Elvis can be spotted everywhere. He lives.

I was in a used book store / cafe the other day and every (!) male looked like the fellow pictured in this article. Each was fairly intense. Every girl including the workers had a nose ring. There is something unsettling about a girl with a nose ring handing you food.

Historic hipster quote some may recall:

" I think of Dean Morarity".

Who is Woody Allen? amiright?

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Here's a useful tool. Can;t wait!

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I am admitttidly an old fart, 69 yo. Professional photographer and videographer for 30+ years. I get that youngsters love their video games but AR and VR for me are more of a bother than an improvement. Movies - like many other forms of art - represent the vision of the filmmaker. Hence, the viewing audience can either like or reject the resulting film. 3D is a huge FAIL, despite the hype. A lot of technological advacements strike me like a solution looking for a problem to solve. For example, what is the practical benefit of a 4K screen on a smart phone? The viewer cannot see the goddamn difference from regular HD! HD as 1920 x 1080 was a huge improvement to standard def. If I cannot see the difernce, what's the point?
Youngsters seem distracted by every shiny new "thing." How much better a smart phone do I need over my Samsing Galaxy 6? I don't, anad I do not want to pay for it!

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spikethompson: I have a D800 which I use every week for wedding photography, these cameras are so advanced you you would need to print pictures 60ft x 40ft to pixel peek with the naked eye. The real ability of the d800 is its low light ability and doesn't look like this one has made many advances . By the way, Real videographers use video cameras, real photographers dont read reviews, they take photographs.....!

Hey, Thompson, I'm a real "both" (40 years) and I read reviews when looking to purchase real gear with my real and hard-earned money. I'm interested in the 810 cause it has a zebra pattern to sort out video exposures. You know, like in a "real" video camera which I agree have form-factor advantages. Paid $38,000 for my Sony 400 Betacam without a lens. You?

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