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jmmgarza: You need $6,000 in todays dollars to buy what was $1,000 in 1970. I bought a Hassy w/lens for 1k in 1971. That is expensive. The X-Pro1 is cheap in comparison.

you are comparing a professional studio system to semi-pro/amature digital camera. In that case, X pro-1 is still way overpriced.

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The look reminds me of the Hexar RF.

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Robert Newman: Nice but expensive camera. I think I would opt for the new Canon 18mp machine over this however. Actually, I still use my Mamiya RZ67 and my 4x5 Sinar P along with an Epson 700 scanner for a variety of work. I don't get the dynamic range of a good digital SLR and clearly there is some quality lost in going from analog film to digital for final printing, but there is plenty of resolution and for studio or architectural shots, there are times when I prefer this approach. It forces me to compose more carefully and meter more intelligently than I might if I just used a DSLR. My main camera is a Canon 5D2, but like all tools it has limitations and when I have time and a specific application for medium or large format images, film can still make sense.

the DSLR's massive improvement over last few years has narrowed the image quality difference between two systems. I have the V system for studio stuff and landscape. Last summer, I printed a 20X24" taken from D3s with excellent quality that can fool many experts as it was taken from medium format. To me, quality is not really a issue, rather the price is..

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Paul Farace: Dear Faintandfuzzy:
Quit your complaining!!! Three year old design?? It is a hellava tool (wish I had one!) -- the Nikon F was top line for 13 years, the F2 for eight years, the F3 was in the line up for 15+ years!!! OK, film was a mature technology, but digital tech has somewhat leveled a bit, thank goodness. New releases every 12 months just drives sales and marketing, not better product development!

My D700 has been great so far. I am not really looking for an upgrade. But there is room for improvement. I do hope the upgrade is not simply just megpix. Who really needs 36 mgpix...

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