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BobT3218: Wow! A few more iterations of this carry on and the expensive telephoto lens becomes redundant. Just crop as small as you want.

you cannot crop endlessly: lens' MTF/resolving power will come into the play

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JerryWilliam: "Fuller Frame" just became interesting.

What about a "Fullest one"?

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dwill23: USB Charging is horrible. Get over it, and stop dinging camera companies for not supplying two ways to charge. Almost no camera does that anyway, and when they do it's only in-camera which is just awful. Please please stop, i'm afraid they'll listen to you and get rid of the wall charger....something you can leave in your hotel room while you're out actually using your camera with a spare battery.

travel can be sometimes very far from any hotel to plug a wall charger, say, canoeing at any remote area. In this case single power bank for all one's USB chargeable devices is extremely convenient. In my case it could be RX100, HX20V, or pana V750, or even RX10 III.

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Roland Karlsson: It would be nice if camera makers stop to give equivalent focal length for their cameras. 600/4.0 is just a stupid annotation. It is a 220/4.0 full stop! Or you can, if you want to, say it is equivalent to 35mm 600/11.0. If that floats your boat. 600/4.0 is totally wrong in all accounts though.

angle of view and aperture are what matters, and we all understand what to expect when seeing FF length equivalent.

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danieladougan: Did they put the neutral density filter back?

it would be great, if they did: I tried to put it on and off (on my RX10 III), and it was pretty inconvenient - for a claimed-to-be-Hybrid.

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007peter: Keep in mind that 30mm on (Tight Squarish 4:3 Ratio) produce (Horizontal Field-of-View) similar to a (35mm 3:2 ratio FF). I ♡ my PL 15/1.7 because it feel very natural & similar to my old Canon 35/1.4 L. It is slightly wider, more like a 32mm - 33mm lens. It's important to keep the 4:3 vs 3:2 ratio in mind when buying M43. For example, I love traditional 50mm FF, but 25mm (M43) feel Cramp, Restrictive, and Unnatural to me. Then I realized this is because 4:3 ratio has less (horizontal angle of view) than I was accustomed to on traditional 3:2 camera. In my own mirrorless transition, I discover Panason 20/1.7 feel much more like a Natural 50mm FF, and Panasonic Leica 15mm /1.7 feel like a natural 35mm FF.

So, pushing the point "The uncommon 30 mm-equivalent focal length makes it pretty special to me" - as it is done in the article - looks rather unconvincing ( to "me").

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Frank_BR: It's like a 100m sprint race. One of the competitors (Sony) has already reached 50m, but a latecomer (Nikon) has not even started. Go Bolt Nikon, go! You can still win the race!

as a consumer, I do not need Nikon to win the race, just reach the finish at any reasonable time, i.e. deliver the product.

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nerd2: So how on the earth is 25+6+6MP is equivalent to 51MP ?

because those 51MP do not have full color info in standard Bayer-interpolated image. That's why standard RAW file is significantly smaller than TIFF of same resolution and color depth: it just does not have that full info. On the other hand, this variant of Foveon may also interpolate to a certain extent, I have not checked.

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I wonder what options are available for its use at some remote locations with respect to charging/recharging... only proprietary extra batteries or some kind of external power bank could be possible?

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Preamp: Lovely cat's eye bokeh!

doesn't it always happen unless stopped down a stop or two?

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AstroStan: At that angle of coverage, rectilinear does not mean "no distortions" unless you qualify that term, e.g. "as distortion free as is possible with a planar sensor". The geometric distortions due to projecting a spherical section onto a plane are intrinsically unavoidable (just ask a map maker).

interestingly, in practical use, heads in far corners are much less distorted when a lens has a noticeable barrel distortion.

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Cameron R Hood: Uh, er, ah...Pentax...forgotten AGAIN? You guys ALWAYS leave them out.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to place same camera into different roundups, if it fits both? could produce different outcomes compared in different groups. Pentax K1, for example.

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Marcel: Police don't need heli's to follow criminals.

if what Just a Photographer said is shared by most Americans, we all are in trouble and am very pessimistic about future... by the way Russians sarcastically call themselves Orcs, Putin - The Darkest (Lord), and West - (White and Fluffy) Elves. Sounds funny enough, but it means they gave up to find Common Tongue. not good.

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RolliPoli: I don't think these should be called "film scanners". They are flat bed scanners on which film can be scanned. Especially from a miniature format like 35mm, sharp, high quality results are best made with a dedicated film scanner. Unfortunately, there aren't many left on the market.

My V700 with 3rd party adjustable holders, produced ~2800 dpi in color mode and ~3000-3200 in single channel for B&W. Apparently its MTF for small details is low, but it's there nonetheless, so sharpening does help.

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W5JCK: It's hard to believe today is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion into Normandy. A good day to remember all the sacrifices that were made on this day so long ago, and all the sacrifices that were made throughout the war on so many beaches throughout the SW Pacific Islands, the Far East, North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. Most of the veterans are now gone including my Dad all my uncles who fought during WWII. May they rest in peace. We should be so thankful that they sacrificed so much to stop the world from destroying itself.

as for Eastern Front, USSR lost ~27 million people, with about 2/3rds being civilians... hard to fathom? Lay them down next to each other, 2 dead per a meter, and drive along those 13500 km...for hours and hours... it's like from Madrid, Spain to Vladivostok, Russia... my great grand father and grandfather are in that row... and grandfather of my wife with his two brothers... the most typical list of relatives for most of my people

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Apparently, Sochi has been doing quite well as a hospitable host of 2014 Winter Olympics, if there is need in exposing its 'another side'.

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Kuturgan: Why not to show todays Sochi? It is not the same city as it was 5 years ago.

Actually, those 12 photos show very little of Sochi even 5 years ago, be it worst or best side. Very weak selection. But leaving some... 'aftertaste'. Coincidence?

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reginalddwight: I find nothing wrong with the Sochi photos in general. However, what is oddly distressing to me is the 2nd one, showcasing a 77 year-old Russian man sporting a captain's hat and a bikini brief.

From the original Sochi Project link below those odd 12 pictures: 'On the small private beach, at the bottom of a steep staircase where our putyovkas are checked, we meet Viktor Alexeyevich. A retired shipbuilder from Murmansk, he has happily made use of the gratis opportunity to relax in Sochi for years'.

Similar picture from there is titled 'Viktor Alexeevich on the private beach of sanatorium Metallurg. Sotsji, 2009'.

Oh, in Russia men used to wear 'bikini briefs' without any extra message.

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Artpt: @ 1drey, I read your link and saw the Pussy Riot documentary....she is committed and they cannot kill her for fear of martyrdom...keep the posts coming with updates...there are many causes and few interested.

please keep posting about photography, not about Russian or American crimes. There are enough dedicated places for those.

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