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What's up with the extremely fast shutter speeds and high ISO's? Yes some were actions shots, but many were not. How about using that IBIS!

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This will be getting my vote.

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I think it's great. No it's not "full frame" but you'll still get excellent pictures. It's main purpose would be to mount an endless supply of non-native mount lenses to it with adapters and/or speed boosters.

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From what I'm seeing and what is being said. The A7/A7r is a specialty camera. Viewing the pictures and the way they had to be taken it is definitely not a quick use camera. And apparently the focus peaking is rather worthless. Might as well just zoom in like the Olympus' and focus like that, which I've found rather easy. The lack of image stabilization is really hurtful to it's usability, especially when wanting to use other lenses. What's the point of having a full frame sensor with gobs of megapixels if every image you need to use super high ISO so you can use your high shutter speed and then still it's hardly sharp?

Exactly the point, to use this camera you need to carry a tripod with you everywhere. I probably still want it...

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Just a Photographer: Too bad it doesn't take Nikon lenses - This camera seems to offer more then the Nikon Df with its overhyped sensor from the D4.

This is what a system camera should be like - Now listen Nikon because Fuji is already where you should be heading towards. Don't let them steal your bread ;)

Can probably take an adapter like any other mirrorless cameras, then take any 'slr' lens there is.

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