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  • These lenses struggle for contrast due to the central obstruction, and the lack of a lens hood doesn't help.  You can find some options for a lens hood on eBay etc., or you can fashion one ...
  • It may have meant Micro Calibrated!  I dunno... Oly
  • Replied in Ants vs Hornet
    Terrible way to go for any prey, but I don't like hornets so this helps. Interesting shot! Oly
  • Replied in Tarantula
    They're very furry and are not aggressive so most folks here learn to like them.  I'm not quite sure why the fur helps...but it seems to. Oly
  • He's talking about this lens. The older OM 50mm lenses used to advertise that they were "multi-coated" when that was still a new and exciting thing. Later they dropped that, I assumed because it ...
  • Yes, but this is not an analog forum.  This site is Digital Photography Review, and this forum was originally popular with users of the Olympus E-System digital SLR cameras.  When those cameras ...
  • I can't tell you which one is more desirable, but I will say that I'd insist that any lens not being used in order to vouch for its functionality needs to have a return/refund policy. Oly
  • Replied in Tarantula
    A female desert "blonde" tarantula. She lives out by our garden and we've watched her grow from what we thought was a wolf spider to this baseball sized wonder. The males are black and red and a ...
  • I think I had IBIS off Rich.  It’s a 1300mm f/12.7 mirror lens.  Maksutov type.  Very inexpensive little telescope. Oly
  • Replied in Resize, no crop
    I resized it to 3200 pixels square, but vertically no crop - at 1300mm the Moon fills the frame. Oly
  • Love it!  I miss light houses.  Not much need in the Sonoran desert.  :-( Oly
  • Lovely photos!  Those are sure some badly malformed deer however - egads.  Pestacides?  Nuclear power??   ;-) Going to be above 40 deg. here this week, so that cool scene looked very refreshing. Oly
  • Replied in House finches
    One of my favorite birds.  We've raised a few over the years that the school kids would find out on the school grounds when my wife was a teacher.  They're quite friendly but it's amazing how even ...
  • Replied in Man in the Moon
    Great phase to photograph but I dilly dallied and didn't get outside until 10pm - a bit too low on the horizon for the best effort. Pretty pronounced "man in the Moon" effect tonight however.  I ...
  • Good advice!  ;-) Oly
  • These excellent macro lenses are rare/hard to find in Four Thirds mount. I've got too many good macro lenses so I'm letting this one go. Please see the auction for more info here: Sigma 150mm f/2.8 ...
  • Created discussion thread Sigma 150 Macro for sale
    These are rare/hard to find in Four Thirds mount, so I hope you all don't mind me letting you know I'm selling mine. For more info see the auction here: Sigma 150mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM Macro lens Cheers, ...
  • Thanks for posting this example.  I must say that the first image without any corrections applied in Lightroom or PS is far softer than it needs to be.  Perhaps a more illuminating example would ...
  • Yep, sounds like what I was seeing - no matter what mode I put it in it was acting like it was in program mode.  The mode dials would change weird things like ISO or other camera settings.  It was ...
  • I just had the same problem...and it was with my EM1.2!  After a couple hard days ride knocking about in my bag I thought it had bought the farm.  Tried the hard reset - nadda.  I finally took the ...
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