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    I had the Supra version of that car - same color. LOVED it - one of the best cars I've ever owned. Had those seats also - the most comfortable I've ever had. Now Rich what we have here is possibly ...
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    The Olympus E-5 is about the only Four Thirds camera that still has any significant value, so I suspect the E-M1.3 and E-M1X will have value for some time yet, but most of them are not going to be ...
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    F/11 isn't the problem so much as our cameras are not made to function well at that aperture (autofocus etc.).  I take pics at f/10 quite often but the lens isn't at f/10 for focus and live view ...
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    That's happening everywhere.  "We" collectively built up a society for 50+ years now that does not value the elderly.  When I was a kid growing up in farm country many elderly lived in their final ...
  • I stalked my back 40 for birds with a long lens today as well.  Nadda!  The dogs look to be taking it easy. Oly
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    It almost seems like that has to happen.  Two of my watch company favorites - Fortis and Ball - have raised their prices significantly and I think it's just a matter of "this is what we need to ...
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    Yeah the F/11 thing kind of amazes me.  I could see f/8, but f/11?  Egads... Bear in mind those are not EF lenses so I don't think adapting them is an option at all.  That R5 looks real nice, and ...
  • That's all well and good, but I need more EXIF.  🤣 Oly
  • Replied in Space Needle
    I'm with you on that Andrew. I do understand that they are much better now, but I just can't bring myself to do it when I've had bad experiences with them. The "you might scratch your lens" thing ...
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    Nothing special, just a good phase to photograph.  This time with the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary with the Canon 1.4x TC Mk III.  The Moon was low on the horizon just over the mountain and as such ...
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    Fun! Oly
  • Nice. Cool. Water. Jelous. ;-) Oly
  • That's super cool.  I was watching a Leno thing on YouTube the other day and was shocked to find out that Fangio gave Leno his first World Champion cup.  Leno said it's his most prized ...
  • They're all nice, but 1, 2 and 4 very much so. Oly
  • All three of those are great.  It would be fun to color shift the paraglider photo to a more red shade. Oly
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    I shot mostly 100 ISO film - it all seemed totally normal to me. Oly
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    It did!  I bought the Leica and the lens they made for it as it was superb.  That was the first time I got burned by the Four Thirds format however - they completely dropped support for that lens ...
  • I wondered! Thanks! Those kind of tractors that have been fixed up to not show quality but very nice are really great values in my opinion - not expensive at all.  Going up every year though.  If I ...
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    They were great cameras.  Olympus was so far out in the lead it was amazing.  If they'd opted for a sensor that was a bit closer to the size of the APS sensors the other makers went with they ...
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    Far too long ago to remember. Oly
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