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julianstravels: Have been using CR for many years for everything from cars to computers. They are truly independent since they do not receive any corporate funding nor do they accept any advertising. In many ways this is perhaps one of the last best ways to gauge a product and have insight into testing methodology. They also purchase all the items they test. Compared to this web site for example, they are far more likely to be truly independent. If they say there's a problem with this device, I would trust their view.

@ybizzle sounds like CR is in the same boat as ILC camera manufacturers, doesn't it? Also DPreview for that matter.

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Do "Pro's" really use the camera strap that comes in the box?
Enquiring minds want to know.

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janist74: If there are no news, then let's create them. >:)

Here is some lovely news for you, real life not made up (I still want to know if Steve Bannon was sucessful :-0 )

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yanisha: "for some God damn reason" -- Sheesh, is this really necessary?!?! I immediately stopped reading at that point.

Did you read the interview Scaramucci gave the New York reporter? That was shocking language!

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Daspletosaurus: Maybe Canon ought to have a talk with IBM about how the PCjr worked out...

You nailed it. I was actually working for IBM when they passed that turd and believe me when I tell you that many of the long time IBMers thought that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and bought them for home. None of them perceived it as a pathetic crippled POS.
Apparently Canon are under the same unfortunate delusion.

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FlyinDoc: It is interesting to note the parallels between Canon in imaging and Samsung for mobiles in the developing world.

Samsung continues to make excellent top of the line Galaxy S series phones but at the mid and lower price segments, they are outspecced, outmatched and out priced by the Chinese phone manufacturers.

Yet Samsung is the dominant player in the market, but that market share is being relentlessly eroded. They are still the default option for those who just want a phone that works reliably from the best known brand. But for those who demand more, there are better choices available.

If you don't offer compelling products, sooner or later, the consumers will wise up. Brand equity will only last so long. Ask Nokia.

You mean like my Note 7?

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On article Should I buy a Canon EOS 6D Mark II? (447 comments in total)
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beppe_it: i have a 6d and i am going to substitute it with the mk2 because:
- articulated screen
- dual pixel

I love my 6d because of:
- integrted gps (if you love travel fotography you understand how much is useful only if you have it)
- high iso quality (just put iso auto with max iso 3200 and forget it)

personally I do not care of 4k, i have few good canon lenses, but 80% of the time I use 24-104 L f/4.
I am very attracted by Sony cameras, but none of them (except A9) has articulated screen, which I miss a lot since old time oint and shoot. Using your phone for aiming and shooting because you miss the articulated screen is "silly" (personal idea).
I am waiting it arrives in italian shops at the beginning of august for "swapping" it with mine...

News flash, all of Sony mirrorless have articulating screens just like the A9.

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On article Fujifilm X-A3 Review (238 comments in total)
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Cheezr: So far Fuji has released 3 aps-c bayer array cameras, you would think that DxO would test their lenses now..?

They claim that they haven't done it because they don't handle x-trans this is an answer to their claim.

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On article Fujifilm X-A3 Review (238 comments in total)

So far Fuji has released 3 aps-c bayer array cameras, you would think that DxO would test their lenses now..?

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I recommend 200mg of Sertraline daily and getting out of the house! ;-)

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Live Composite and a wide angle lens make it a snap on my Oly.

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LOL, the original SX70 did not have a built in flash, it used expensive disposable flash bars.

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Lightgreen: Cha-Ching!

Sounds profitable for Sandisk's respective business units... And more expensive for us end-consumers as Lexar was Sandisks only "serious" competition in the high end flash removal media category; it's like Canon or Nikon leaving the DSLR world, sure others exist still, but they're the heavy hitters; without one to check the other, expect price increases shortly.

I'd suggest it'd be wise to stock up on anything you've been eyeing. I won't as my needs are presently met and technology is bound to change before I need another card; I do expect to pay double next round for it should Lexar have otherwise existed though...

Actually SanDisk recently sold out to Western Digital, the shrinking camera business is also shrinking the accessory business as well.

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This article really is unworthy of DPreview, it might be nice in the Awe section of a local news show but isn't DPreview a photo enthusiast website? Well I guess you get what you pay for ;-)

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How is the EM1.2 pricey at exactly the same MSRP as the D500 which is apparently not pricey? It includes more functionality and comparable image quality, just asking.

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On article Nikon reshuffles management structure (248 comments in total)
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sh10453: When business doesn't seem to be going well, higher management love to do the restructuring.
It's a tricky strategy that seems to be universal.
A very large technical company I had worked for did the restructuring 3 times in less than 6 months, and a month later the company suddenly declared bankruptcy.
I wonder if restructuring is a method of covering up management screwups.

Google "prepare 3 envelopes" and it will become clear.

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On photo Spoonbill Siblings in the A Big Year - birds challenge (2 comments in total)

Thank you, I got lucky (and was prepared).

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On article Canon EOS 77D Review (283 comments in total)

Designed for CostCo not for DPReview tyros!

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Raist3d: I can only chuckle when people comment that Olympus has been doing Firmware upgrades adding features and taking care of the installed base like Fuji.

They haven't.

They recently started from what seems to
Me pressure by Fuji and they aren't still at this level. I hope Olympus considers stepping up some of their support on firmwares. I am sure te em1 mkII will be fine. Would be nice if they could improve the CDAF of the PenF.

@Raist3d Fuji may have done more or Oly may have had less to do. Either way both companies seem to do a better job of keeping users happy than say Canon, which in spite of giving users the finger continues to gain market share.

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Jason Haven: As an X-Pro2 owner, all I have to say is, "Thank you!"


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