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On article Hands-on with the Nikon Nikkor Z 70-200mm F2.8 S (625 comments in total)
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Greg OH: That recessed rear element suggests that the shorter flange distance made no difference in the design of this lens.

They should have just kept the F mount. Same for Canon EF.

Although this lens does not need the shorter flange distance, other lenses can use it. Moreover, Canon RF 70-200 seems to take advantage of it according to its bisected image.

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Jonathan F/2: I'm guessing this body will work the Techart TZE-01 Sony E to Nikon Z adapter? That would give the Z50 instant access to lenses like the Sigma 16/30/56 1.4 glass and the full compliment of Nikon-F DX/FX lenses via the FTZ adapter. This would give the Z50 the largest lens library of any APS-C camera. Keep the kit lens when you want to go small and adapt the rest!

Maybe Canon EF lenses as well someday. :)

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Canon was as stingy as Nikon in terms of APS-C prime lenses. However, Canon opened their EF-M lenses with 22mm F/2.0 and finally released 32mm F/1.4. So, I hope that Nikon would release a handful of Z DX primes soon to compete against Canon.

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Mistral75: An autofocus lens in Leica M mount would be kind of odd. Isn't the 'M' used by Viltrox for the Canon EF-M mount?

Leica TL or Canon EOS M

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dpfan32: The problem of a Canon camera is the crop factor. These lenses are working on a Sony body much better in terms of angle.

30mm becomes 48mm on Canon, while 45mm on Sony.
56mm becomes 90mm on Canon, while 84mm on Sony.
16mm becomes 25.6mm on Canon, while 24mm on Sony.
IMO, they work greatly.

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Leica has been very expensive always. Right? So, not a new problem with this new lens. Thankfully, now L-mount is open to Sigma, Panasonic, and Canon through Sigma adapter. Maybe Chinese third parties will make some fast, cheap MF lenses for L mount. Everyone can choose his or her own lens according to each use.

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Contrary to its huge size and weight, it is cheaper than Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Sigma.

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David Doron: I think that the Godox TT350 series is a better deal. GN 36, 2 batteries, about the same weight, wireless. There are models for Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Olympus and it costs about a half. I use it regularly with my Panasonic LX100. It goes everywhere with me.

yes. a combination of Godox flash TT350 + transmitter X1T-C is cheaper and more powerful than Canon's latest one. :)

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Mortal Lion: They should have made it level with the bottom of the camera. What is the the protrusion for anyway? Is there a tripod mount in it, or just a little electronics board with conversion chips?

Same question here. What use is the bulk beneath? If only AF-S is supported, is electric-wire-connection good enough for FTZ adapter without any chip just like Canon EF-to-EFM?

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photoaddict: I cannot understand the appeal of mirror-less camera. I find it very unnatural to use. I like using optical viewfinder. I like looking through it. I hate looking at the LCD screen or EVF. It looks awkward and doesn't give you what you want to see.

I can see the size being smaller as a nice bonus but.... other than that, whats the reason for it?

There is no way to get what we see. However there is a way to see what you will get.

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Is it USM? Same filter thread? how about hood?

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Denis of Whidbey Island: I gave up my search for a belt clip that works with Arca-Swiss plates. Seems strange that vendors don't cater to that large market.

I think that clips by Peak Design are compatible with Arca-Swiss plates.

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