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MiraShootsNikon: I don't mean to be too critical, but this article reads to me like "slow news day at DPReview."

Was I reading the headline wrong to expect some interesting insight on "editing while on the road?" Because what Steve writes, here, is just basic affirmation of editing, in general. "Look at your shots after you take them." "Pick sharp ones." "Learn from your mistakes."

Why not help us understand the unique challenges of doing those things while actually on assignment? (I.e., what the article's title suggested it'd do.) How do you manage power? How do you pack or care for your laptop? How do you edit in varied ambient lighting? How do you calibrate your screen? How do you maintain connectivity with your agent / client? I mean, there are so many interesting things to talk about getting the job done on the road; and instead, this article just phones it in with "edit and backup your shots."

C'mon, DPReview. You can deliver better content than this.

Steve - You said the key word that Mira wanted to hear: elitist. Now she knows you're talking directly to her.

Mira - I'm having a hard time finding all of your fabulous and informative articles. Maybe DPReview has a storage shortage and can't archive them all? After all, the fact that I can't find them must be someone else's fault and not the fact that you have no time to write them because you're too busy trampling other people's work.
Instead of being an elitist troll, maybe you could have written a post that actually contributed something, don'tcha think, sweetie? I find it funny that despite your taunts and rudeness, nothing changed--not the article, not Steve's position, and not your knowledge of photography. The only thing that changed was that a few more people realize that your avatar is all you really have to offer the world. -1 for you.
I look forward to your forthcoming lessons on editing in the field, as well as your pithy retort, even though both will disappoint.

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