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    I look upon this as a lesson learned: never buy a Leica except from a real Leica dealer: note: *years* ago, I bought a very desirable, sold as new, laptop from a computer store on the east coast ...
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    I always consider that when I see a typo, the OP put it there only for the entertainment of his friends, which I appreciate greatly, especially this one … I never saw it before. David
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    Is this of any help? https://www.macfilos.com/2018/01/29/2018-1-26-locking-the-leica-cl-focus-point-an-update-but-no-action/ david
  • I have a D-Lux 7, and if I were to trade it in for a Q2, I may only get $200, maybe less.but I never trade my cameras in … I’d rather give them away to a student in Middle School or High School. ...
  • I have not seen that in all my visits to MFAH. I believe that people are realizing now that they really need protection. Lots of data, to my eyes, indicates that, like it or not, this is going to ...
  • There was no effort to enforce this policy… the museum had many visitors some wearing a mask, others not. In fact, not all of the employees were wearing masks. I did not stay long. I had a ...
  • Created discussion thread What a thrill today inside MFAH
    Bonjour, A most unforgettable day at the museum: After parking my car, entering, paying for parking, saying hello to a number of museum employees I have known over the years, I began walking up a ...
  • good luck with this situation ... I wonder if this is also Leica's M-series' policy? David
  • Here you go … a possible clarification from 2017: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/273023-leica-q-system-error/ David
  • As I mentioned, the loss of Luminar 3 was a big loss, and the lack of support is very surprising this da-and-time. note: my D850 photos when edited the same way with Affinity and finalized with ...
  • Excellent photo of Pitman Tower. Over the past 51 years, I’ve been on Rice campus thousands of times. It’s the most beautiful campus I have ever been on. This hand-held stitched panorama was my ...
  • Created photo thread Leica C, type 112 photos
    Yesterday, to reduce stress level before a medical appointment, I visited Rice University with my tiny Leica C, type 112 camera and took these four photos. They were taken as RWL files, then saved ...
  • Just imagine that in your lifetime Leica would make a Q3 having a 35mm lens and a Q4 having a 50mm lens … your camera bag having all three cameras … now THAT would be one BIG “effect” David
  • Your comment intrigued me. For another reason (taking astonishing B&W photos of churches in Europe) I bought Affinity software, but continue to use Luminar 3 … that is until I read about you ...
  • Excellent description of the pleasure of using the D-Lux 7. I typically use my Nikon D850 for my museum photos; however, when my wife wants me to take flower photos, the D-Lux is my go-to camera … ...
  • For many of us, in desperate times, trying to make ends meet, a $1000 camera is a dream camera; so my choice would be the $1300 Leica D-Lux 7 model. Even though it is only a 17 megapixel camera,...

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    What a surprise to see this request … you and I may be the only people on dpreview that have one of these marvels. david
  • this would be an excellent lens for the Leica Q3 ... I keep hearing over-and-over how great the 35mm focal length is ... FWIW: the 28mm on the Q2 is too similar to my iPhone 26mm focal length.

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    I would hope that you could spend lots of time in Bath, and take many, many photos of this beautiful city. It’s only 90 minutes from Paddington, and the best food I found in all of England many ...
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    I would hope you post more often to your wordpress blog. thanks, David
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