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About me:

BACKGROUND: BS and MS in Mathematics and Biometrics from the University of Cincinnati, and an MS and PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. Graduated in their 2nd PhD graduating class way back in 1968. Worked at Bell Labs first in Murray Hill NJ (publishing further results from my PhD thesis for 3 years) and then for another 30 years at the Denver Branch Labs, in advanced development. Retired in 2001 (with 23 patents) to focus on photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I’ve enjoyed photography since my early teen years. I’ve had a B&W dark room and much later, a color darkroom. Being a computer nerd, I’ve never been comfortable with chemicals. So the digital age of photography was tailor made for me. My photography was amateurish until I retired. Since then, I’ve been published in National Geographic Magazine and elsewhere. I’ve sold many many fine art prints at my gallery in the Millennium Hotel in Boulder Colorado. I closed that gallery several years ago. Now, at 76, I’m fully retired from business related activities, and doing photography just for fun, just for me. (Of course, if others like some of my photographs that is a terrific bonus!)

As you can see from my website here, I enjoy a variety of photography venues: nature, landscape, wildlife, birds (I love birds!), travel, architecture, “tiny planets”, fisheye, abstract, macro, etc.

I’ve come to enjoy the social aspects of photography as well. Having friends who are passionate about photography is great fun. We share in photographic outings and/or in enjoying each others photographic works. We grow each other’s skills and find new subject matter for each other.

EQUIPMENT: In the past, I’ve used Nikon (F, D100, D3, D3x, D800e, D810 and now z7), Canon, Leica (M9), Pentax, Olympus (E-M1ii, Pen-F), Panasonic (GH-5, G9) and Sony (AR 1 and 2) cameras. My current camera is the Nikon z7. I’m as much a technologist (gear-head) as photographer, and so greatly enjoy using the latest and greatest gear. I shoot only RAW and use Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC for post processing, along with many plugins (Topaz, NIK, Imagenomic, ….)

I no longer make large prints. I mostly want to see my new images in large print size, but printing is costly especially if one keeps swapping out pictures. So now I view my images on my iPhone XS Max, iPad and especially my huge (for a Mac monitor) 55” NEC monitor. I WOW myself (and sometimes, friends) when I zoom in on high Rez files. And I love the crop-ability of a 46MP sensor.

The S lenses now coming out for the Nikon Z mount are compact and excellent, although the selection will be scant for quite awhile. Thankfully, all the latest Nikon F mount lenses, even those from 3rd parties, work extremely well with the Nikon z cameras with the Nikon FTZ adapter. The Nikkor 300mm PF F4 lens offers incredible image quality, lightness and compactness, and works extremely well with all the latest Nikon teleconverters. The Nikkor 500mm PF F5.6 lens is so very light, compact and sharp (for its focal length and aperture). The Nikkor 8-15mm Fisheye lens is superb, really two lenses in one for me (circular full-180° fisheye, and also a full-frame fisheye). With it you can take fun images almost anywhere. The Nikkor 600mm F4E is a superb long telephoto lens. The Sigma 14mm F1.8 is a big and heavy but superb ultra-wide lens.

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