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bogorad: "Promises", not "offers". And without Google Mobile Services it's just a high-priced piece of metal.

Nope. Any app that requires GMS won't work. And most modern apps do. Only those specifically written for other platforms (Samsung, Amazon, Huawei) will work.

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SHood: How do you install apps if Play Store can't be installed?

You can, but any app that uses GMS won't work.

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CaPi: No Google services - DOA

Some stuff like google pay won't work. And banking apps are picky.

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"Promises", not "offers". And without Google Mobile Services it's just a high-priced piece of metal.

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If their photos are better - well, why not! I can see thousands following them, and better visual content overall. Great idea, I don't know what Wikipedia is mad about.

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henhen: Now there is no need to solve their smog/pollution problem! soon everyone will have these on their phones to use when standing 2 feet from each other!

No -

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trebledee: I can understand they're a bit miffed, It does have a round bit on the front.
The ol' Chinese takeaway Fong thing makes the front of a speed light round too.
Not looked into the ins and outs of this and not even going to, It's not worth my time.
Are Profoto really going to lose their clients to Godox though? I'm sure the Godox one works well but it's a different system, needs another trigger, etc.

Have you looked at the prices lately?

4* AD200 (4*$300=$1200)
4* round heads (4*$80=$320)
and an XPRO trigger ($70)

are about as much as a single A1 ($1000), with the trigger ($427).

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Mariano Pacifico: Smartphone Camera technology is growing leaps and bounds. When can dSLRs take off their binds and leap?

Don't blame smartphones for dSLRs plunging sales. It is there for all to see.

I wouldn't mind having multi-frame bursts in each RAW file, to do dynamic range processing and NR later. Also, immediate approximation in the JPG. And other stuff my Pixel is doing on the fly, but with proper size matrix.

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2019 at 11:20 UTC

Should've gone with Pixel-2/3, much better (but certainly still not on the level with a huge sensor).

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ipribadi: The way I see it is the optical and physical performance of these phone camera's have only slightly improved over the past few years but software has advanced leap and bounds.
I understand dual or triple camera's are used to aid the software processing, but IMO software advancements on cameras are way behind.

Imagine a 1" sensor camera with 24-100mm eq. focal range but with digital processing enabled allows for 20-150mm equiv focal range.
Such settings already exist for digital zoom, why not digital processing for both wide angle (processes extremely distorted optics) and zoom.

The digital processing would also allow the 1" sensor to obtain stronger bokeh/shallower depth of field than otherwise possible.
If the user is seeking better IQ then they can simply disable the setting.

Why are all the software advancements tied/coupled to smartphones only?

It'd need a workstation-level CPU, let alone faster-reading sensors. Maybe in time - Sonys do run Android internally after all.

Link | Posted on Oct 19, 2018 at 18:32 UTC
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princecody: Why not just have one quality camera with great glass & use your feet to change focal length. I guess that’s too old fashioned 🙂

Google does just that, check the Pixel-3 with its SuperResZoom :)

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AaronsLyfe: Optics aside......

No bloat
No Curved Screen
IP67 rated

No mSD (still)
Verizon Exclusive
Has a big screen notch

OnePlus 6T still might be a better option phone wise though Google looks to have edged them out in the camera department.

Not true - you can buy unlocked. And it's also on Project-FI.

Link | Posted on Oct 9, 2018 at 18:27 UTC
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barry reid: None of the current mirrorless offers are genuinely pointing a way forwards. They all just offer a mild re-tooling of the dumb DSLR.

What needs to happen next is modern operating systems, SDKs and app stores - something Sony should have had a head start on with play memories store but didn’t have the balls to open it up. Just a few thoughts:

Imagine a GPS and app equipped camera that you could set up and just tell it you wanted shots in the golden hour

Imagine a camera that really looked at your shooting habits and could guide you that the weather you favour was likely or that there is a great bit of brutalist architecture (or your own favourite subject) nearby.

Imagine being able to script a complex interval timed exposure sequence or being able to set the camera to record changes in light over time and composite them automatically (eg in a lightning storm).

Or a million other things.

Well, mirrorless Sonys are already running Android, deep inside. It just needs a good chipset and some google magic with its computational photography ;)

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The comparison pic is just an awesome visual aid for any bean-counter-related discussion.

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(unknown member): All of these things and more could have been done by traditional camera-makers, if they had just had a little bit of actual vision. People like to complain about the $1000 cost of flagship phones these days, but they do things that the class-leading, cutting-edge A7III doesn't—at half the price. Plus they do an infinite number of other things. Many phones are even IPX7-rated—show me the camera that can say that. Cameras don't even list their screen resolutions as pixel dimensions, instead giving them as "mdots" to obscure how pathetic they actually are. I would like to see more phone features being built into cameras with larger senses and more powerful optics. I would like to see cameras that can run apps; why not a camera that actually runs Android? I would like to see cameras that don't have menu interfaces that look like they come straight from 2003. If smartphones are eating camera makers' lunches, it's because camera makers have been inexcusably complacent for decades now.

Well. Sony actually does run Android (hence the slow startup). But it's closed.

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didn't know zombies eat each other.

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On article Google Pixel 2 gallery updated (48 comments in total)

Combined with a case from Moment and two of their lenses ("18mm" wide and "60mm" portrait) it effectively replaced my EVIL camera for everything but the flash work.

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stevo23: Why does peak design need kick starter for this?

A convenient way to do a pre-sale - find out real market capacity and get the money upfront. It's a known company, they won't run with the money :)

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tom1234567: The Godox TT350 is only $84 or £85 for me and my X-T2 its good enough
they do it for other makes I believe.
not everyone wants to spend £200 on a flash.

Tom G

I got one and regret it. It's small and light, for sure, but even used with super-powerful NiZn batteries is nowhere near as useful as a full-power lithium battery flash.

Link | Posted on Jun 19, 2017 at 12:45 UTC
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wcowan: Godox make a great flash that is let down by the horrible LiPo batteries. My two Godox flashes had the batteries fail within months of purchase. Since they were bought overseas it was not worth sending them back for replacement. Because of the battery problems which I and many others have had I wouldn't buy another Godox flash.

Indeed, the very first v850 units did have faulty batteries. But since Godox has solved the problem it's been ok for years. I've purchased replacement batteries for my three v850 units as soon as they were announced and didn't have a single problem ever since.

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