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nekrosoft13: They really shouldn't call this 46MP, this camera takes about 15MP pictures. Foveon is 3 layer and they add pixels on each layer to get the 46MP count. but in reality images produced are 15MP

The comparison is far more complex than anything a spec sheet contains, or even a 'gut-feel' calculation from your known facts.

To help speed an end on this debate (at least on this page), this sensor is generally agreed to deliver output comparable to around around 24-32 megapixels. And FWIW, every Foveon image can be upsampled (not kidding) by a factor of two (now we're talking huge!), while preserving tons of quality. Don't forget that Bayer cameras (including Fuji) interpolate on every single image (and most other cameras add a blur filter too).

Finally, the nature of the Foveon sensor allows it to record more subtle colour nuances per-pixel than most current state-of-the-art Bayer sensors. The flipside issue is that it often takes more effort than a single click in a RAW developer to bring that colour back, but it's frequently 'in there'. Don't buy a Foveon unless you're prepared to do some work to get the best image quality possible, and under good conditions.

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On photo Beauty in the street in the Beautiful Girls challenge (4 comments in total)

This is what street shooting is all about. Bravo.

Hard to believe you could actually separate the subject from the streets of Singapore! Subject lighting adds authenticity and immediacy, bokeh/background is nearly Art Nouveau. And what a subject (take notes, Paz Vega!)! I'd swear you had fans running and hair lights with you. :O

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