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i bought the A1 back in 2004 and in 2006 the infamous sony sensor died, and right afterwards it was stolen from my dorm room.

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the doctor will just bill few hours more, the lawyer will just chat on the phone longer . the rich will just give their credit card without looking.

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leica is in the same league as luxury goods, they're price inelastic.

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phatgreatwall: Ansel Adams had to manually edit his photos analog in his darkroom by dodging and burning, so he was "faking" it.

if by dodging/burning a photo can change the photo's mood, then that is replacing the content. a hill with deep shadows is not the same as a hill with light.
if he cropped any photos, then he is changing the content by hiding something.

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Ansel Adams had to manually edit his photos analog in his darkroom by dodging and burning, so he was "faking" it.

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Logan Mackay: Anyone else unable to download the M1 version in Canada? I can't find a working link anywhere.

me neither, still stuck in 20.2 as 20.3 is not available.

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tkbslc: Curious about the 11mm for RF. When it was launched, I asked in the comments why it was not for RF. Someone from Loawa replied and said it was because of color shift/vignetting. That is not uncommon with adapted wide angles on mirrorless. So did they tweak the formula for Canon RF, or is there a profile or something to clean it up in post?

you can still see heavy vignetting and edge distortion that's pretty much unusable. by the time you crop it you might as well get the canon 16-35 f4.

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† Download of the app is free (data charges may apply), but full use of the app requires a subscription. A free version of the app is provided with limited functionality and features. There is also a paid subscription version of the app with full functionality and features available to you starting with a three (3) day free trial. The subscription version of the app is available through a monthly or yearly, nonrefundable, auto renewing payment through your applicable app store. After your three (3) day free trial, your access will be automatically rolled over into your chosen auto-renewable subscription unless you cancel upon 24 hours’ notice from the end of the trial period by following the App Store cancellation procedures.

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i have a consumer grade LG / Acer / Dell triple monitor setup at work and i name them Fuji / Kodak / Agfa since the same picture looks completely different on them.

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Sony - introducing the A1, world's most advanced camera, for only $6500, all you need is a Sony GM lens/tripod/flash/memory card/battery to explore its true capabilities.

Chevy - the Spark is $12,000, minus $4000 in dealer discount, and ready to use the moment you pay. oh BTW, we'll even give you some gas so you can drive home!

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Vanguard Veo Select 49 - rear opening, main compartment fits my Canon EOS R, 70-300L, Sigma 14 1.8, RF 50 1.8, Tamron 150-600 G2. top compartment fits the battery grip and all the other accessories. $149 Canadian cant beat the value.

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I bet in 10 years this thing will still set for original price plus inflation

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i, for one, embrace Ai. just did a paid photoshoot for a real estate agent. took the photos in HDR, loaded them onto Luminar 4, couple of clicks and adjustments, boom! grey sky became a sunset, scratched up flooring became nice and smooth. prob spent less than 10 minutes on it. sent them off to the client for preview, client couldnt be happier about the image and how fast it was.

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i bought my manfrotto travellers small tripod, fits inside my backpack (medium size), easy to carry around, relatively affordable, but not walmart affordable.

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i bought the manfrotto traveller small, fits nicely and sturdy enough. 140 CDN.

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I think the Z5 will take away a lot of the EOS R potential customers, not RP. dual memory, IBIS. only downside is no reversing screen, no sensor curtain. a lil bit smaller MP, and a lot cheaper price. please someone convince me not to sell my R for this.

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DrCastle: The specs look great, but IMHO it should've been placed at a lower price to compete with the EOS RP, even at a cost of some premium features(like high-res EVF). I don't know. People always go for "Lowest to Highest Price" on Amazon anyway..

i think the Z5 is more in line with the R, the RP has barely half of the features of the Z5. no 4k usable AF, 200 shot battery, no IBIS, no dual SD card, no BG option, 1/4000s max shutter, no USB charging, no weather seal,

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JoeGuide: When I was growing up, I always wanted but could never afford, the legendary, ultra dependable, no nonsense, semi professional Nikon FM2. The FM series were design not to last for years, but decades.

Of all the digital cameras I have owned so far, the Z series is the closest thing to that ideal. I love the Z6 but if the Z5 had been introduced, I would have been tempted by the simplicity of this camera. All the Z bodies are weatherproof with excellent UI and ergonomics. . Likewise, I think Z bodies should provide extend long use.

sorry to pop your bubble, but modern day electronics are miles under the FM2 in terms of reliability, the FM2n which was purely mechanical, heck you didnt even need a battery if you had your own meter. I'm still ocassional hunting for one in good condition just to put it on my shelf, even though i dont own any F mount lens anymore. but i just want one.

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phatgreatwall: i gave up on Nikon last year when they announced that they would no longer service grey market cameras, even if the customer is willing to pay, on top of that they wont support any 3rd party repair facilities with parts, even apple doesnt have the balls to do that. a greymarket Nikon is still made by Nikon, just sold in a different country. that's like you bought a car from US and moved to Canada, you bring the GM car to the dealer for regulator maintenance, and the dealer tells you they wont sell you the parts, and they wont service your vehicle because it's not a Canadian car. then you go to your own mechanic, and your mechanic tells you he has no access to GM parts because they dont sell them to 3rd party. I for one won't support this ball move, no matter how loyal i am to the brand.

please name 1 other brand (doesnt matter what they make) that absolutely refuses to service and repair any of their products if it was purchased in another country, in ADDITION does not sell any repair parts to any 3rd party facilities?

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Myles Baker: This looks like a great addition to Nikons Z range. An entry level FF camera that packs quite a bit in it. Direct competition to the RP and A7ii, but looks to be a better camera than both.

i think the Z5 is much more capable than the RP and the A7ii, and i mean MUCH more capable. the RP is a neutered camera, and i mean NEUTERED. 4k contrast AF, smaller battery, less resolution EVF, they pretty much downgraded everything possible for 1 goal - price reduction. the A7ii is just too old to compete in terms of specs, although at its time it was a very capable camera, just like how the R was a good camera in 2018.

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