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entoman: These F0.95 lenses are becoming a bit of a joke.
Why not go the whole hog and make a F0.5 lens?
I demand more weight, huge 150mm filters, and zero depth of field!

.. with Zero distortion of course 😜

f/0.5 is for sissies. How about this 82mm f/0.38 lens:

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TN Args: These tests really bring a ‘film era’ mindset to the question, when you really couldn’t change what your prints or slides came back from the lab looking like, so it mattered what you chose.

So, if your top priority was how much people liked your prints or slides when you handed them around or threw them onto the wall with your somno-projector, then this sort of test would influence your choice.

But this poll is only about the STANDARD SETTINGS of the phones. Who says that is the most popular setting? Maybe VIVID, or CLASSIC FILM X, preset would trump all the images put to the poll in this survey.

Which kind of makes this survey result irrelevant, except maybe to like-chasers who never look twice at their photos.


My completely unscientific observation based on a tiny sample suggests that approximately 90% people only ever use default settings with their phone cameras. That's probably biased to the low side as I know too many photography hobbiests, real figure is likely to be 99.9% or so.

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They also fixed some things silently, e.g., R5 intervalometer with back button focus now works.

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On article Canon unveils $400 RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM (508 comments in total)
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EXkurogane: F7.1... Seriously...
Just when i thought the new breed of f6.3 kit lenses are bad enough...

Hey Canon, give us a $200 kit lens option. May I suggest 28-70mm f11-22

There are a lot of situations where you don't need a wide aperture. On a recent trip I had an f/2 and an f/4 lens, used only the latter and mostly in f/8-11 range - most of the time at ISO 100.

Sometimes it just is sunny, or you shoot landscapes or architecture with a tripod and don't care about shutter speed and actually want more depth of field.

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David M. Anglin: I am a little surprised Canon has not released 300 f2.8 III and 500 f4 III with the other big whites. It would have made sense to upgrade these lenses if they are going to deliver a 1dx III as the final pro DSLR. The reality is the 300 f2.8 II & 500 f4 II are already pretty light and it would be hard to significantly improve the IQ. The 400 f2.8 II was a beast and the 600 II was also pretty heavy, so a lens diet made sense. I would have added the 200-400 to the weight reduction list, but they may not sell enough volume to make it worthwhile and are saving it for the R mount. Overall, I don't think the EF offering has very many gaps that would drive significant revenue with updates. I think they would get significant sales to sports and wildlife shooters with a comparable EF offering matching the Nikon 200-500 or the Sony 200-600. Hopefully, we will get one with the RF line.

Hmm. Given how light 400/2.8 has become, they could probably make a 500/2.8 or even a 600/2.8 or a 800/4 that'd weigh less than the original 400/2.8 (I've still got one, at 7.5kg it's not exactly handholdable but still easy enough to use). I wonder if there'd be a market for such ...

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sirhawkeye64: Actually, IMO now is one of the better times to go out and shoot sunrises/sunsets (if you can find a good location)--obviously fall is probably the best but winter is my second favorite time of the year for this. You'll have plenty of time for sleep, and even on sunny days' the sun is not directly overhead and it has a slightly different color than summer sunlight. Either way people shouldn't be afraid to go out and shoot. Just layer up and go out. Obviously if it's below zero, maybe not, but I've been out in some cold environments and shot (just keep some hand warmers and dry clothes for your camera and yourself and you should be fine).

Plus if you want to go to national parks, now is the best time as there will be very few visitors, plus in some of them, the added bit of snow can add to the photos. Plus you'll probably find the cheapest travel deals and hotel deals in major popular areas because it's off-season.

One of my favourite sunrise shots was taken on January 10th in Lapland - the first sunrise of the year (it set an hour later and never got very high, so it was actually sort of combined sunrise and sunset). I was lucky to have clear sky (which incidentally also means it was pretty cold, below zero even in Fahrenheit scale, but cold is really just a matter of clothing). And when sun did go out, Northern Lights appeared.

Another interesting exercise for winter is photographing snowflakes.

Winter photography has its challenges (e.g., I've had to rig snowshoes for my tripod) and weather is often bad, but it can also be very rewarding.

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Mariano Pacifico: RIP
When pro smartphone users see my FujiFilm X-H1 they always say "that is pro 'bro". They haven't even seen a FujiFilm XPro-3 with Extreme Pro SD Card and GoPro.

Bet, "smart" will soon be gone, too !!! It is not the photographer that is making the decision but the smarts in the phone. Thanks a lot Google.

IQ (intelligent quotient) is gone, too ! Replaced a different IQ (image quality). Intelligent quotient is not a measure of employment anymore it is EQ (emotional quotient) because Intelligence Quotient is racist.

Not only IQ but even just the 'I' in it seems to be going...

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Astro Landscapes: Unfortunately, the correct answer is, none of the above.

SLIK has the best array of "travel" tripods that aren't complete junk, too heavy, too uselessly wobbly, too short...or all of the above. (Or way too expensive.)

If you're interested in a travel tripod, consider:

On a budget: Slik Lite AL-420 - it's ~$100 but you'll probably want to buy a better head for about another $60-90.

Slik Lite CF-422 - for those with a ~$300 budget, and this time the head is decent as long as you get a full-sized Arca Swiss plate for $9 or whatever your favorite generic one costs.

Now, regarding this video... Before I dig in, I have to say I love your videos, and I love the quirky names you've given here. Surprised that 3LT didn't get a mention in that regard, haha.

1.) When you're strapping a tripod to the side of your backpack, that's actually when size matters LEAST among relative travel-sized tripods. In other words, anything designated "travel" will fit on the side of almost any backpack.

One situation where speedy setup matters is when you're hiking with the intent of photographing whatever wildlife comes along. Of course most of the time that's handheld anyway, but sometimes being able to set up a tripod quickly can save the day.

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Aroart: Please make an ap to remove the Kardashians from planet earth....

Misspelling for Cardassians, I presume. But I didn't know there were any on Earth. :-)


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Torv: How do they do it? A whopping 30% interest rate that's how. You carry a balance on that purchase and save sales tax, but pay at least 19-21% interest (after saving tax) on that purchase. A complete rip off. You'd get a better rate from your corner loan shark.

PayBoo no kidding--that interest rate should scare the hell out of anyone!

Curiously, *everybody* I know use their credit cards exactly like that and always have. But the sample isn't statistically significant, so you may be right about "most people".

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Goodmeme: Brilliant! I love that it's so small and EF lens based.

Would be a near certain buy for me with an APS-C mount. Will wait and see what lenses are available given it's odd EF lens with 4/3 sensor combination.

With a camera that small you want a pancake prime, but even going as wide as a 35mm equivalent becomes challenging as I don't know of any EF 17/18mm lens. Perhaps Yong Nuo will make one. Obviously all the other lenses you could want besides that are available or even in one's one collection already...

Besides Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 and EF-S 24mm f/2.8 there're the Voigtländers: Color Skopar 20mm f/3.5 and Ultron 40mm f/2 pancakes.

There are many wider options all the way down to 10mm rectilinear lenses and 4.5mm fisheyes, but no pancakes, they tend to be rather big.

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I could live without flash (though at times I would miss it) and the shorter battery life (annoying though that is), what I'm worried about is the change in ergonomics. In particular the loss of the rocker switch in upper right corner in the back.

If, for example, exposure corrections can only be made via the touchscreen, it pretty much kills it for me.

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Hugo808: And it's got a kitten on the lens hood! sold.

Neither really. It means they can't distinguish between red and green (and orange and yellow).

But cats' color vision isn't really well understood and some recent research suggests that might not be true or at least not accurate. See, e.g.,

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dr8: Quote: "Those using it at night might not get to appreciate its startling red finish, but daylight photographers shooting wildlife could feel a little conspicuous." Personally, I have never seen color have any affect/effect on getting close to wildlife. Bright orange jacket never kept animals from walking right past me at arms length. Movement will cause wildlife to flee, whereas your scent will just cause them to be more aware and cautious. My experience is that color seems to be irrelevant.

Many animals are more or less color blind and even those that aren't tend to ignore things that don't move regardless of color. Not all though, and most birds see colors quite well and some are visibly spooked by certain colors. Likewise, some insects can be positively drawn to colors resembling their favorite flowers. I've no idea offhand what if any would be bothered by that kind of red though.

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voronspb: A pro lens which is freezeproof down to -10°C (14°F) is ridiculous. Every single lens works perfectly at such temperature, and only below around -20°C (-4°F) some lenses experience autofocusing issues (mostly the old and cheap ones, with micro motor directly connected to the focus ring).

It seems camera and lens manufacturers are very conservative about cold temperature tolerances. Some seem to think 0°C is cold, I don't recall any claiming below -10°C, even though they generally work just fine at even much colder temperatures. I once kept a Canon 7D below -30°C for almost two weeks and it worked just fine, and I've no problems with any camera at -20°C apart from an ancient Panasonic (its clock kept resetting itself at around -15°C). Maybe there just isn't demand enough to justify testing gear in cold.

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TheGrammarFairy: "Bless their hearts" doesn't mean what you think it means.

It's one of those phrases with widely varying uses, very context-dependent. For that very reason I'd avoid using it with large, mostly unknown audience, like in an article published in the Internet... anyway, here's a fairly good article about it:

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gaul: Which existing model in the existing Canon Speedlite series does it compare to?

Yes: 270EX II has tilting but not rotating head and optical transmission but as slave only. The EL-100 adds rotating head and master mode.

Link | Posted on Sep 11, 2018 at 07:32 UTC

Reading Canon's whitepaper, the description of IS system is confusing. It's as if there is IBIS of sorts, but only functional when the lens has IS too. E.g.,

"new technologies that combine with the IS system in the camera"

"During video recording there is the added ability to combine any optical Image Stabilization in the lens with electronic Image Stabilization within the CMOS image sensor."

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Cf. https://downloads.canon.com/nw/camera/misc-pages/eos-r/pdf/canon_eos_r_white_paper.pdf

under "13.1 Enhanced Image Stabilization System"

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Mariano Pacifico: DPR means Digital Photography RUMORS ?

Actually I think posting a rumor suggests they do *not* have one, i.e., are not bound by a NDA.
Of course it could also be the NDA is loose enough to allow simple reposting of what's already out there, which is all they've done.

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On article Fujifilm's XF10 is a small, wide-angle APS-C compact (866 comments in total)
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Raist3d: Still prefer the GRII. Fuji has great color profiles but so does the GR II.

I hope the GRIII is FF.

The original Ricoh GR-1 film camera was about the same size as current Ricoh GR. Squeezing the needed extra electronics in the same space as a roll of film would certainly not be easy, but not obviously impossible either. So we can hope. :-)

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