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biza43: If all you want of your photography is to share snaps in social media, sure, you don't need more camera than the one on your phone. However, at least where I live, the best camera phones come in phones that cost almost EUR 1,000. All of a sudden, the cheap ILC becomes great value.

There is always a market for "snapshots." Starting with the kodak Brownie through the disposable film camera era to the smartphone of today.
Nothing wrong with that, it is just the attempt to ideologize everything these days that soils the debate.
the attempt to demonize the other in order to dominate the market is off putting for me.
I prefer to make my decisions based upon my objectives and to acquire the tools I deem best suited to that purpose, end of story.

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bolt2014: Please don't use the term "from the edge of the earth" unless you want "flat earthers" all over us!

" According to those believers, all forms of communication is terrestrial, either through towers, or cables going under the ocean."

Which begs the question, what is under 'under the ocean' then? Flat earthers are Hillarious.

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"An Iñupiaq whaling crew cleans the hide of a polar bear that attacked their camp the previous day. Many Iñupiaq believe that declining sea ice has lead to these animals starving."

Not true, as there are more Polar Bears now than have ever been recorded since the inception of the Polar bear census, most likely undernourished bears are the result of alpha Bears driving off the Beta Bears from prime feeding grounds. Perhaps a reason the Bear was 'checking' out the camp in question.
I recommend DPR stick to reviewing photographic products and not perpetuate ecological myths.

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ovatab: vodka drop renders dark shadows better

Some lens get Ginned up for better performance.

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"We need to use a small diaphragm to get a sharp image through the droop."

I do believe that is the key to the whole mechanism. With a high F number one could focus through a glass bead too.

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I was checking out the sample images on the Nikon site. They seemed to be lower quality than the marketing images posted for other lens.
They looked soft and out of focus.

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I think the hardware aspects of ILC have pretty well matured. However the first ILC makers that recognize photography as an IT technology and began to focus more on the unit firmware and software capabilities will gain a significant advantage. some progress has been made over the last three years, but it is rather like they are being dragged kicking and screaming into the present.

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On article Sony introduces new XQD and SD cards (43 comments in total)

"Both new media offerings are extremely dependable and durable, dust-proof, X-Ray proof, anti-static and magnet proof to protect the most sensitive photo and video content."

Does that mean if I have insensitive photos I don't need the security??

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Cat too big dis-qualifier.

well I didn't weigh the cat but it was about normal size I estimate about 2lbs.

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On article New samples from the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens (232 comments in total)

Samples are always good to see, but to me the quality encompasses more than just the lens.

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justmeMN: "CHINA - Industrial and commercial authorities have launched a probe into Nikon China after the company was accused by China Central Television of selling defective products.

Many consumers have complained of dust buildup on the image sensor of the Nikon D600 camera, CCTV said on its annual 3/15 Gala news programme on Saturday."

"Many D600 users including Du have asked for a refund or a free upgrade to the newer model D610, but Nikon has refused their demands, even though some D600 owners in the United States have been offered a free upgrade to the D610, according to CCTV."

Was this before during or after China's little spat with Japan over the Senkaku islands.

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Couldn't this at least have waited until we were into September???

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Biowizard: Kudos to the ESA - grabbing all the interesting space headlines this summer!


Americans do not have health care per se.
What you have is a federally legislated obligation to purchase health insurance, not unlike having a legislated obligation to purchase auto insurance in order to drive the hgwys and byways.
The old shell game.

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Mike Sandman: Only a few occupations have persisted for much of humankind's existence, and soldiering is one of them. (Other examples are agriculture, fishing, metalworking and pottery-making.) Setting aside one's aversion for war, it's a fascinating look at the pace of change in technology, and the increased complexity of one's possessions as technology advances. Nicely done.

You forgot the ladies of the night, considered one of the oldest professions. It would be interesting to see how their kit has evolved over the centuries.

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D1N0: What would we say when Nikon would target snipers in a marketing campaign? Blow out the infidels brains from a safe distance of 1.5 miles with the new Nikon head shot targeting scope.

What would we say when Nikon would target snipers in a marketing campaign?

I would think when bidding on military contracts they do exactly that.

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Phil M Winder: Perhaps Land Rover and Toyota should be blamed as well.

Dear Sosmix
This involves close proximity stalking and darting the prey with tranquilizer. Then photos can be taken with the prey unconscious.
then it is revived with antidote and allowed to escape. This is more dangerous for the hunter and in fact somewhat levels the playing field. The hunter has to get within 30 yds to ensure success, pretty close when hunting white Rhino.

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D7100 Looks like an incremental improvement, BUT, when are these guys going to recognize that the photography ends at the sensor. ie, the glass and the exposure values, focusing VR etc all end up at the sensor. After that it is all "IT". Processing, noise reduction, Bayer algorithms. Features such as GPS, wireless. pano stitching, and on and on would be much more useful. There is little advantage with pixel count now that we are at the limit where the sensor resolution matches the glass in front. I vote for additional "IT" features, some of which haven't even been thought of yet.
I'm just saying.....

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Well I can speak from some experience as I use the original 80-400 almost daily. do about 60% of my shooting with it on an old D300. Shoot scenery, closeups, BIF, people, etc. I find this lens to be extremely versatile. I really like is the bokeh on long shots for detailed isolation.
This lens has a personality of sorts that takes a bit of practice to master, tricks to overcome the slower focusing and some time to get used to wide zoom range, But I found it worth the effort.The 300 is only a 12Mp so the the 80-400 easily handles that. last year I tested it out at the local photo shop on a d7000 with 70-200 2.8 I also own and the 80-400 gave better long shot results because it can get in closer. and thus preserves more detail, even though the 200 has better specs. Perhaps a D7100 will test the limits.
For me the original version removes all doubt, this format was a winner and I anticipate this iteration wil continue the tradition. But then I'm just an amature.

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jezkasdad: Is this sponsored by the CIA?

Most likely by the Eye atoola

Posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 23:01 UTC
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FNG303: Michael Caine played a better Alfie than Jude Law, don't you think ?

I see That FNG303 says
This user has chosen not to disclose their email address

With good reason

Another disgruntled QC nationalist seeking to disparage Canada with a bit of nasty left wing humor.
What not enough handouts from the west yet...?

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