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On article Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad (43 comments in total)

I see this abigger trend that one photoediting too for tablet.
Apple has no bring almost all applications that consumer user use in ios devices. Meaning mails, notes, itunes, photoshop, videocalls etc. I believe that Apple's long/middle term strategy is make ios devices main devices that normal people will use everything that they need, This ios-ecosystem is more profitable than traditional desktop OSX<. full control not onlu divices and operating system BUT also 3rd party apps through they own app store. Mac OS has got already several copied features from ios, Some arre good but OSX App Store and coming limitation of programs from other sources wil be soon not allowed. Then able has all busuness elements directly in their hands, And this means not only content sensoring but also monopol state for prising,
I'm a frame that this is not good for anybody.... maiby only for apple

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I like that camera a lot.
I think I will wait anyway that it comes to WP os. I already have E7 and belle is fine and works smooth. I just want something new.

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Even if real photos are half as good as promopictures thsi will be the best cameraphone and faraway from competitors. I think it's somehow sad that Nokia put this with poor display and (not so poor anymore) belle symbian. But the camera is something that is amazing. Hope microsoft understand that they have to loose some HW requirement limitations asap to get this in windows phone.
When Nokia gets this to better body with 4.6/7" amoled in Lumia 800 design there will be real killer products for other MS phones, androids and even iPhones. Nokia still knows how to make phones. Kudos

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inevitable crafts studio: iam sooooo glad i sold the x100 weeks ago :)

good luck fellows, i guess fujifilm will for sure bring out supernice firmwareupdates on a daily basis hehehe

Sold X100 ??
I just bought one ;-)

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)

Only one issue I like to see this one: some level of weather sealing like K-5.
Then this could be taken everywhere. It shouls be even easier to implement than in K-5.

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On article Fujifilm X10 Preview Samples Gallery (113 comments in total)

A little bit confused.
I have ordered X10 but after these pictures not so sure anymore. Hope dpr will publish review soon.
My other choise was x100 that could suit me as well due to not necessary need any zoom but worried about X100 known issues and are those solved (?)

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X10 hands-on preview and video (69 comments in total)

I try to find good excuse to buy this although not really need new camera.
Not found any so I dicide just but and reason is: "I just want it".
No other reason needed.

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