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  • Guys, I am Mary Curley, Pat's wife.  That introduction alone is alerting you to the fact that this can't be good and it's not.  My wonderful Pat died suddenly last week. It has been truely shocking ...
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    My sincere apologies if I am writing in the wrong place and maybe I will find the correct space eventually. I just recognised Pat's photograph and came into this space. This is Mary, Pat Curley's...

  • Hi Max, I wonder what I’d make of this perplexing place if I arrived overloaded with the local high-octane Jabberwocky ;-) Best from UpTop Pat.
  • Hi Max, You're spot on! (As always).  It is now a free turn.... Sleep well! Pat.
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    This relic from the mid 1800s is now incorporated in a modern building. On the former site of William and Robert’s second factory. They were Quaker brothers, whose products were ‘twice-cooked’. The ...
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    This relic from the mid 1800s is now incorporated in a modern building. On the former site of William and Robert’s second factory.
  • Name and address of the current occupier, please...
  • Hi Max, I think your pic is of the Grafton Bridge and Symonds Street Cemetery over Grafton Gully, between Symonds Street and Park Road, Auckland, New Zealand. The connection to the Peerage is the ...
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    Hi Trafford, Fiendishly difficult, this one!!! Were you on Avenue Victor Hugo / Rue Barthelemy, 13260 Cassis, France? Please call a free turn, if I am correct as I’ll be away from my PC. Regards, Pat.
  • Hi Hans, I cannot name the bird, but I can tell you where he is. Is it on the statue of Peter Christian Hersleb Kjerschow Michelsen (first Prime Minister of Norway) at Festplassen, Christie’s Gate ...
  • Hi Willem, The letter Ro t h was a typing error on my part, apologies for any confusion I may have caused.  I know there are many different spellings of the name.  In Herbeumont, the name is ...
  • Hi Brian, Spot on, good get!  It's now a free turn... Regards, Pat.
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    This little chapel was built in the 1600s and dedicated to a Catholic saint who lived in the 1300s. It was erected as an invocation to the saint to protect the village from disease, in particular ...
  • Name and location of this little chapel, please...
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    I've just discovered that the pic I posted is found quickly by Google, so let this one be a free turn...
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    Hi Max, Are we at the former Tramway Gas Station (now a Visitor Centre), 2901 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262? Best wishes from UpTop. Pat.
  • Hi David, Is this the Rose window of Cheltenham Minster (formerly St Mary’s Church), Cheltenham, Gloucs, UK? Please offer a free turn if correct. As I said in my last post, it looks like we’ll be ...
  • Hi Brian, Is this Coober Pedy, SA5723, South Australia, shot from the Big Winch Lookout? Please offer a free turn if correct; it looks like we’ll be having an interesting day here tomorrow – power ...
  • Hi Mike, Spot on!  Good get!!  It is now a free turn. Pat.
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    This church dates from 1927-1930. Its architect was a prolific church-builder. He was honoured by a past Pope for his work It is dedicated to the saint who founded the village we are in. He died in ...
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