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anthony mazzeri: The Nikon site says 'HD movie recording' (720p), while the specs on this page say no microphone, so silent movies?

Read the specs... HD video with sound.

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peevee1: This is exactly the kind of camera which does not have any sense anymore, with the camera in you phone being essentially free and not taking up any size.

Which means you have to pay for the phone service, and uploading photos often cost extra. Plus no zoom and a ton of other constraints do not make camera phones appealing to me.

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Simon97: I "get" what this camera is for, but I don't get the $180 MSPR. No video, even smaller than the usual small 1/3" sensor. Price should be $49 and blister packed, hanging next to the Vivitars.

Video is recorded with sound. It states this in the specifications:

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joe6pack: Why not just use smartphone? They can be had for less and doubles as, you guess it, a phone!!!

Because some people do not want, need or care to be locked into a phone plan. Plus, camera phones lack zoom capabilities and are restrictive.

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BillCZ3: I think some of you are missing the point. I am an avid cyclist and enjoy taking pictures. I need a very small camera that will fit in my cycling jersey. I have been using a Sony Cybershot U30. It is a very small, 2 megapixel camera that takes terrific outdoor pictures. But it it has a fixed lense and the screen is only 1". Plus the camera is on the heavy side for such a small camera.

The Nikon S01 is smaller, lighter, has a much-larger screen and has a 3x optical zoom and is 10 megapixels.

The cell phone cameras now take great pictures but lack a most important feature, a zoom lens. Also, not everyone wants or needs a smartphone and the monthly cost of using one.

The S01 is a serious camera for those of us that have a legitimate need for a very small camera, one that is not a toy. I think Nikon has filled an important niitch in the photography world.

I totally agree with you! Most everyone has missed the point.

I too think this is a great product. I have a Nikon D-90 that I use for my hobby in photography. I want to purchase a Nikon S01 so it'll always be with me to snap photos or create a movie without out the camera taking much space in my handbag or pocket. It's a perfect "on-the-go" camera for taking great photos.

For its size, this camera offers a ton of capabilities previously unavailable not that long ago. If one's looking for more options, or prefers something bigger, Nikon offers a ton of other models to choose from.

There will always be those who want to show-off their knowledge of cameras, marketing, or photography instead of understanding who this camera is being marketed towards. They prefer to criticize or dissect the camera to show-off.

I love Nikon and I think this is a great product for people who want the ability to take photos without being weighed-down by costly smartphone plans or bulkier cameras.

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