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can we add to the disadvantages:
* great potential for it to ruin it for everyone else with their annoying buzzing noise

the more places drones are banned without a special permit, the better - I do see the point for documentary makers, e.g. Netflix's Our Planet is a good example.

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Mike FL: Huawei story; Sunday edition - Time is UP!

For decades, Huawei has been built its businesses rely on cheat, lie, steal and spy backed by its government.

Huawei should be being punished to end the huawei story b/c Time is up.

Gee you really seem to have a blinkered bee in the bonnet about Huawei. If anything, Huawei is not as bad as most US govt organisations and US companies.

But guess what - this article is about a phone's camera, not about some ideological hatred you clearly have. Give it a rest, you must have posted over 100 similar comments just in the last 2 weeks!

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seloo: Good for posers.

or Hipsters ;-)

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Answer: Neither

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really? flash for wildlife? no wonder those monkeys look so photoshopped.

I don't like the highlights right behind the leopard on the 2nd photo either and as the photographer had time to wait, I would have thought it would have been possible to move a bit so that the bright background isn't right above its head ... but maybe not. certainly impressive once I realized it's in the 15-17 year old category!

3rd photo is the most impressive for me, because it's in the 10 year old and under category, but arguably better than the fake-looking winner.
Other than that most photos are good, but I wouldn't have thought prize-winning ... especially considering the 45,000 entries I would have thought the level would be higher.

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Ah, so this is what "#MeToo" is !

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goactive: Some of the worst photos for quality I have seen in a long time. Very noisy, very poor color and just a look bad.

@sdimaging's "a nice bonus is some sharp glass and a big sensor":
I think you're posting on the wrong article, this camera has only a 1 inch sensor.

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Great sensor, awesome cutting-edge tech - shame it's in such a rubbish unintuitive user-unfriendly body!

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Thuravi Kumaaran: Cameras can get Awards. Great! But in practical world which camera withstands, is the real awardee, in this commercial world.

yea whos the toys now - Sonys are now the best cameras even for commercial world!

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Michiel953: This Bracaglia fellow is obviously a Nikon fanboy and a Sony hater. I've never seen such a biased review.

i now right, it's people like this who cant stand that Sony now has better cameras for just about EVERYTHING!

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steve ohlhaber: 1 inch sensor! that's a bit incredible. Phone cams need help for sure. I am surprised they went to a sensor that big and not a smaller one that would still blow away any phone cam and make it more pocketable. Its nice to see everyone getting on the giant sensor wagon.

Its safe to assume everyone already has a phone on them at all times, so I guess you can capitalize on that.

A 1 inch sensor _is_ small. It's not like it's actually 1 inch, a so-called "1 inch" sensor is only 1/2 " wide.

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F Stop Fitzgerald: I might be the person that actually suggested this a few years ago? LOL! I prefer a backpack when traveling internationally and doing documentary work and environment portraiture. For a long while I was using a non photography backpack that had side pockets that allowed me to change lenses without actually taking the entire backpack off of my back. This allowed me to work rapidly on the move and it kept the gear from being at risk in dodgy locations. Also sometime you are in a wet or dirty environment where you don't want to put your pack on the floor to get to gear. This also allowed me to avoid using a special belt packs or a fanny pack for the gear, so I don't look like a photographer all the time. The whole thing is quite discreet, until you need to take pictures. Sadly my old backpack fell apart after 10 years of use and I never found another pack like it. I was hoping that a camera bag maker would actually fill this need. So I say bravo Thinktank for filling this need.

just quite a bit more expensive then a normal backpack. you can find a few backpacks with side pockets that work well for lenses

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Horshack: Facebook will keep these images private - only your friends, family, and the highest-paying advertisers will have access to them.

hey, it's a free service, so why complain

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