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Marty4650: Lars, I think this premise is seriously flawed. I think Motorola is missing the plot.

Most smart phone users DO NOT want or need "the best image quality." They are very happy with "pretty good image quality" for their snapshots and facebook photos.

Of course, there will always be A FEW who value the best image quality from their smart phones, but this is a tiny percentage of smart phone users. And not what anyone would consider enough of them to justify a larger, heavier or more expensive device.

I will believe that "best image quality" matters when one of these new high end phones with multiple cameras, high megapxels, or larger sensors starts to outsell the Apple iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones.

I just don't see it happening. Because almost all of the users don't need the best.

You and I are running with different crowds. All the parents I know are at times disappointed with their smart phone pictures and I hear them say they want a better camera on the next smart phone they get. I never hear them say that want to make better phone calls.

When I watch parents taking photos with their smartphones I see a lot of "oh well, that didn't come out all that well." When they do get a good shot they are all excited.

Mostly though, a better camera is seen by the manufacturers as a thing that may make a difference in consumers choosing one smart phone over another.

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On article Sony may split off its imaging products business (71 comments in total)
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SirSeth: I wish I knew more about business. Would this enable Sony Imagining to be more competitive because the leaders of the company would be focused on imaging rather than general overall corporate strategy? Would they still answer to Sony corporate? It seems that diversification is helpful for companies to continue to be financially viable over the long term. Many companies have come and gone or been bought out and absorbed by other companies because they had a narrow niche. Why would you want to split your diverse company into several smaller companies? Is it just more options for investors with the result that 3 smaller companies end up making more money than 1 conglomerate? I assume they would continue to share resources under the Sony name, so Sony imaging would get a good rate on Sony chip and video technology from Sony Video. Basically, what problems does restructuring solve and are those problems par for the course when companies become large enough? Anyhow... that's what I wonder.

I work for a large company that was split out of a huge company. The reason was that institutional investors have guidelines they have to follow when they invest. The portfolios are broken into categories like high tech / industrial / food / agriculture / housing /manufacturing / medical / services, etc. Institutional investors were telling our company they wanted to buy our stock but could not because we were a mixture of things that did not go together according to their rules. After the splits, the total valuation of the companies went up a lot. So it did not have anything to do with any particular company running more efficiently. It was just all about stock prices.

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Munich from top of Alte Peter

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Notice the electricity tower lower left.

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Congratulations DPR on a good interview. Quite a bit of interesting technical content packed into relatively few words.

It seems the "forever" comment referred to lenses designed for higher resolution sensors coming in the future. Not lens reliability. Although there was an interesting lens teardown article at LensRentals recently commenting on that.

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There was a recent dpreview article with Canon executives where they said that a big change with digital cameras was that the number of photos taken with a lens had increased by a huge factor over the film days. Canon was now doing lifetime testing with many more actuations and they had learned that what they thought counted as reliable designs needed increased ruggedization. So here is a lens where we see what that means in practice.

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My daughters in grandpa's barn in the hay loft. We would fill it full of hay every fall for the cows to eat all winter. Throwing the hay out the door at the end to cows gathered below... as they dumbly stood under the door so it was difficult to find an open space to toss a hay bale into. So we would have to break the bales up and toss pieces down. Then on cold winter mornings, we would take a hatchet down to the pond to cut a hole in the ice for the cows to drink from.

Now the hay loft just has the bicycle with cheetah print banana seat my brother handed down to me on the left. We rode it miles and miles on the county roads. In the very corner boxes of my brother's beer can collection from college. To the right the frame for our homemade ping-pong table. We played endless hours of ping-pong up there.

Daughters being very curious ask all kinds of questions. The daughter in pink wanted to know if the dust is left over from the Dust Bowl. She scooped some up into a cup.

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My daughter at Loch Ness. Kind of creepy.

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This looks alright on a computer screen, but as a 5x7 glossy print it really comes to life.

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I have not had the heart to tell her there are probably no fish in this pond. (since it nearly completely dried up a few years ago during a drought and we have not re-stocked it) Maybe some fish washed down from a pond upstream and it restocked that way...I hope. I caught hundreds of fish out of this pond when I was her age.

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it just rained non stop early in 2014 in Munich. the gardeners were having a terrible time get the flowers all established for the tourist to see during summer. lots more activity there with the gardeners in July than I have seen in the past. but the flowers are beautiful anyway

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sun has not quite set, so this is a demonstration of very good flare control in the Pentax 16-85 zoom lens

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bad kitty, caught sneaking up into the attic using the garage door supports... amazing how she can walk on that thin narrow slippery metal surface

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Problems with the ignition system (shower of sparks)

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My wife and I thought he was going to pass out any minute.

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On photo HX300_Fire_Starter_Fresnel in OpticsEngineer's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

doing experiments for the science fair. what color paper catches on fire the fastest.

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On article Opinion: Did Sony just do the impossible? (1076 comments in total)

Thanks for the thoughtful analysis. When innovation finally get disruptive, it seems to happen suddenly and not how people expected... even the " informed" people that have seen the disruption coming for a long time. I never expected that the Sony disruption would lead me to be buying more Canon glass. Good to know. I can feel good filling out the lenses for my Canon 70D knowing they have a home later on Sony bodies.

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The one thing I wish was improved over my RX10 would be a less sluggish zoom lens adjustment. Less time between when you started pressing the zoom lever as to when the lens actually starts to move. Once it gets going the speed is fine... it just takes too long to get started. Doesn't sound like there is an improvement on that.

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All the discussion seems to be about how the update supports existing owners. From Fujifis point of view it is more about not losing future sales due to a reputation for slow autofocus The faster AF is likely an improvement we will see in all future Fuji cameras. It just has taken some time to develop the algorithms

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West of Amarillo Texas. Hundreds of windmills out there now stretching for mile and miles to the west, basically shadowing interstate highway I-40.

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