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I try to stay away from anything made in China. Political reasons, their disregard towards human health. I could go on.

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rsf3127: Next step: no battery at all.

WOW , you sure are on the ball sir. Do you also have the numvers to next weeks lottery? BS there is a shortage ..

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Call me prejudice or not, this is a lens made by a Chinese company! Have you all forgotten where Covid-19 comes from?

Buy more from them, encourage them , when will they come up with COVID-20??

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3 to 6 thousand shots per game, Thank God for digital. Imagine running all over trying to keep the film fresh in all those cameras. Looks like a great job to keep one fit. Seriously , as a hockey fan, Thank you for all your work !

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A UV filter is an inexpensive protection for lens glass. I'v install this filter on all my lenses.

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I do not need the speed of these XQD cards. When will a manufacturer create an adapter from a SD size card to use in an XQD CAMERA.

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I have found some people who have posted over a 100,000 photos.!! REALLY. Some subjects posted 10 + of the same subject. I respect they love the subject but to use up space is not really fair. Possibly a personal limit of 500 annually and an annual of $10.00 would be better for the co. and ourselves. FYI ,
I have posted less than 1700 in 9 years.

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As a 14 year old, the Original Electro 35 (film) was a pretty good unit. At that time it was the beginning of the electronic aided cameras. This new unit may be marketed at us old guys who still remember our youth.

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I would like this google pic 3 as it would be a great "daily carry camera". You always carry your phone , so a camera is always at hand to take a shot, even though it may not be as good as say a Nikon 850: do you always carry your 850 wherever you go ..

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When new improved technology comes out , all I hear in my mind is,"one small step for man, one giant step for mankind" followed by "beam me up Scotty" the future approaches faster than we could have imagined

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