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apekkpul: Is the ProRes just improving editing experience, or does it also improve image quality?

debatable. makes sense for workflows which are budgeted for colour grading. No benefits for out of the box videos. you will theoretically see benefits in the absence of any compression artifacts (in demanding scenes like the forest example) but more important better color subsampling - 4:2:2 or up to 4:4:4 if supportet.But most important better gradients because its a 10 bit Codec in its lower flavors. better than 8bit/4:0:2 of h.264/h.265 for colour grading. Thats benefits shooting with flat or log transfer curves.

and @pseudo guy: thats ridiculous

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jonby: Well, all the last version gave me was a half-second lag every time I start playback on the timeline - so that's thousands of half-seconds spent waiting for playback to start every work session. Not sure that 'a refreshed import and export experience and a streamlined header bar' is going to help much with this.

@jonby mee to. But also in Versions before. But i’m experiencing that only in sequences with nested sequences or really long (+120min) Clips in it. Everything other plays smooth. Check also if your Audio Setup changed trough the Update (Asio vs. MME Driver could make s difference.


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DuxX: What about real-time LUT preview??

i think you can load a LUT in the Top of the Lumetri Color Effect since Adobe bought Speedgrade in 20...15(?). Has to be the propper Format though, but Davinci is your Friend ;)

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