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I'm Canadian, we're smart up here and leave the Canada Goose clothing for the American Hollywood types and buy Canada Great Blue Heron clothing ( same quality, better looking and 1/2 the $ ) . By the way, too many Canada Geese up here, the country is covered in their droppings and they have one of the lowest IQs of any creature I've yet observed. Come visit this summer and take a few home with you ( PLEASE ) . We like naming things after birds of bad behavior, example Toronto Blue Jays ! By the way I can take photos even in the nude, never needed an expensive jacket.

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Allot of people will be using this type of lens for travel and casual photos of family so will probably just be using jpeg but these are all manipulated raw images with not one jpeg to show what the camera can do with the lens straight off. If this is the best that these small sensor cameras can do I'd rather stick to larger cameras and lenses.

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EXkurogane: The 20 1.8 is bloody expensive
Over a grand for a 1.8 prime

I need to start a drug trafficking business at this rate

Move up here to Canada so at least your drug trafficing will be legal, though with the state of our dollar you still won't be able to afford those new lenses.

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On article Which is best for you: the Fujifilm X-T200 or X-T30? (132 comments in total)

More expensive camera is better ! Amazing to read this article and discover that . Kind of like steak costing more than hamburger ? As far as it goes people who use smart phones for photography are quite happy with image quality and with the camera modules in them getting better all the time are unlikely to switch to lugging a camera around. By the way I use a flip phone I never take photos with and own four cameras of which I usually have one with me.

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On article DPReview TV: Video tripods vs photo tripods (87 comments in total)

You never told us what was in his teeth , I've got $50 on it being a poppy seed . Did I win ?

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Greenland is the new Iceland.

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I just buy Barbie dolls at thrift stores, take photos of them + combine them with other shots with my photo software.

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Instead I want my photo gear to be implants, join the collective and be Borg...resistance is futile!

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On photo Cows Cowering Under Rare California Super Cell in the -The Old Cows- challenge (5 comments in total)

Great shot but why use f/20 with a 10.5mm lens? You could have used a way larger aperture + a lot lower ISO, resulting in great depth of field, fast enough shutter speed and a a lot less noise.

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Allison: If Andy Warhol were still alive today he'd be kicking himself in the butt for not doing the " Craisins Box on a bed of grass" before you did!

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Last night I noticed in my Windows 10 photo app that came installed on the computer purchased last year something similar and new. As of September 19, 2017 it started a new thing on creating and suggesting albums for me by going though my 1.2TB of photos! Invasion of privacy I'd call it and no way to turn that feature off and on top of that Windows doesn't let you uninstall that app once it's on your computer. Went online and discovered a round about way to delete the app by going through powershell as administrator and finally got it out of there. If you run Windows 10 and value your privacy I suggest you look into it.

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On article Lexar acquired by Chinese flash storage maker Longsys (71 comments in total)

I'm amazed at a comment in here regarding the Chinese manufacturing and snooping. I just went through all my memory cards that I have bought since 2006 and they all were made in China including Sandisk except for an old Panasonic 2GB sd card from 2006 that was made in Japan. Most manufacturing is done in China recently, including some great Nikon lenses that I own (85mm f/1.8 ect.). This is the worst site for uninformed comments and know it alls that I've come across on the internet since my first encounter with computers!

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Camera companies are the enemy: As shown in the first photo at the start of this article, camera companies have been cloning exact duplicates of Richard Butler in the Far East. These clones after training will be sent out to all parts of the planet to interbreed with all races and cultures. In as little as 100 years all humans will look and act like these cloned Richard Butlers, even the females will be bald with full beards. In this way they will take over the earth. Group together and start a counter plot, but do so very soon!

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Most fisheyes are underwater constantly.

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That was too easy...I had all the makings in my fridge + mine is fresher! I was left with watermarks on my counter though.

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Just my luck! They took the shot when my house is on the back side of the planet.

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On photo Space and Time in the Living Fossils challenge (3 comments in total)

Great shot. Looks like it could almost be on a different planet. At first I thought it was the crab that took a selfie.

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Fugly color combo. Is there really that big a market for all these new camera bag designs that come out every week or are there warehouses full of unsold ones in China ? You can only do so much in design work as it's probably been done before by someone else.

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Zoom lens photo from the International Space Station will be the winner.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80 (251 comments in total)

My first dslr was a D80 , then I got a D300 which wore out after 119,500 shots (mirror started hanging up). I liked the D300 allot and bought another with 13,000 shots on it used and I'm still using that. After reading this article I read the review for the D90 and yesterday bought one to convert to infrared photography. D90 with 3104 count on it in mint condition + 18-105mm VR Nikon + 50mm f/1.8 AF D for $350 CAD . A great kit for not much money + now I'll wait 2 years for a low mileage D500 . A camera that was great a few years ago is still great for good photography today, how large do you really print? Keep buying the latest greatest guys, I can wait for a better deal, I see D800s in mint condition are down to $1500 CAD.

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