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I knew there would be a bunch of "males" whining about sexism, i just didn't think there would be so many!
Just relax and buy whatever works for you and stop complaining about what gender the product is targeted at, unless you're jealous

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bloodfire1004: DPReview, you should correct some of your statements in this article. Key statements below:

"With a DxOMark Mobile score of 87 the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ just snatches the smartphone camera crown from the Sony Xperia Z5 and places itself on top of the DxOMark smartphone rankings. "

"With a DxOMark Mobile score of 87 the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is the new new number one in the DxOMark smartphone rankings, just outperforming Sony's Xperia Z5 by a whisker."

This is NOT entirely true as S6 Edge+ is TIED WITH THE Z5 for best mobile camera (both have 87 score). Though it should be interesting to note that if you take the average of photo (87) and video (85) of the S6 Edge+, it doesn't add up to 87 (172 / 2 = 86).

I know the new format might be misleading since we got used to looking only at the pictures, but please take the time to check properly before posting your articles. This should be done in the interest of fair and correct journalism.



Xperia Z5 Photo 88, Galaxy s6 edge+ Photo 87
Xperia Z5 video 86, Galaxy s6 edge+ video 85

how come galaxy s6 edge+ is number 1???

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N13L5: I read this review and liked what I saw...
Started thinking of upgrading my Nex 5n body, since I already have three 'E' lenses, including the 50mm portrait lens, which I rather like.

But so, at the end of the review, I added the Nex5n to the comparison, and the comparison is rather mixed...

Especially the low light performance seems to have taken a hit!

Unless there's some technicality, that makes these comparisons not really work...

I really can't understand how a much further developed sensor of the same size could have significantly worse low light performance???

Anyone have an opinion on that?

some times performance is rated in a given time context: when rating "video mode", "features"or "Low light / high ISO performance" on a 2010 camera and it gets a 70% rating, a 2015 camera with the same performance wouldnt even get 40% as a new scale had to be adopted in order to keep the rating values on the chart.
I suggest you go to the review of the nex 5n, and compare the iso / noise performance side to side with the a6000. that will give you a better idea of the performance difference between the two models

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LukeLT63: I still do not understand why the manufacturers of cameras integrate Wi-Fi into their bodies and not the GPS which I think for most photographers (especially naturalists, landscaping, street and holiday) is much more useful ... .I find it hard to think that the Wi-Fi is more required than GPS ...... I hope will have their right motivation market ...

The problem with GPS is that for it to work properly it constantly has to be working and then the battery drains. If you keep it off and turn it on when need it, it has to look for the satellites and this will take several minutes (usually 10-20 min to get them from a cold start). This makes the whole on-board GPS system unpractical.
with WiFi on the other hand, you can use the GPS info from your smart device to geotag the pictures you take (as smartphones get the satellite info through the data network instead of constant search, this is MUCH faster and reliable).

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