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On photo elena picking poppies in the Of flowers and men challenge (31 comments in total)

Great Shot, well done. The lighting is perfect :)

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Mike Ronesia: I have a feeling this lens will be very sharp at 1.2 and be priced to match.

For exposure and focal length - M43's 42.5 f1.2 = FF 85 f1.2
For DOF - M43's 42.5 f1.2 = FF 85 f2.4.
Same settings gives same exp but shallower DOF with FF.

It's that simple... I think???

I for one like the deeper DOF, sure it takes more skill to get a good shot when you can't blur out everything else but in low light I can shoot wide open and have more DOF to work with. Bottom line is there are times when both can be used to your advantage and we all have to work within the limitations of the system we have.

You (Mike Ronesia) are cetainly right.
f1.2 is f1.2 as far as exposure is concerned.
DOF is increased due to the shorter focal length.

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yabokkie: a 42.5mm f/1.2 FourThirds is a 83mm f/2.4 equivalent on 35mm format (bring you every result the same) and thus worth about 60% of popular 85/1.8 ones, about 300 dollars compared with Nikon G.

A 42.5mm f1.2 on a m4/3 is equivalent to 85mm f1.2
The f stop is irrelevant to the form factor.

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yabokkie: a 150mm f/2.8 FourThirds is a 294mm f/5.5 equivalent on 35mm format. compared with Canon and Nikon 300mm f/4 ones, this lens should worth about 750 dollars.

A 150mm f2.8 on a m4/3 is equivalent to 300mm f2.8
The f stop is irrelevant to the form factor.

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On article Canon Powershot S110 hands-on preview (107 comments in total)

My colleagues and I bought 3 S100 cameras about 6 months ago. we were extremely satisfied with the image quality & the matchless convenience.

I used my camera really well travelling to Italy, Sicily, Dubai, Lebanon and other places. I shot about 3000 images and a few short movies.

However, the lens unit on my camera failed about a month ago for no reason at all. The same happened to one of my colleagues camera today even though she hardly used her camera.

Canon should pay more attention to the lens mechanism issue that caused many people to stop buying their products even though the image quality is really good. Reliability is a great issue!!!

I am so reluctant to advise anyone to buy the S110 if there is no assurance that the lens mechanism has been revamped.

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On article Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR (457 comments in total)
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Joed700: It interesting to see Canon loyalists and Nikon fanboys here debating which camera is better that the other. Some are naive enough to defend the overpricing of the Canon 5D MK III for its imaginary/untested super sensor. The true to the matter is each camera has goods and bads, and so are their lenses. I think as consumers, we shouldn't defend certain brand but to demand quality from the manufacturers. We pay so much money now-a-days for lenses that are made of cheap plastics. Why should we pay over thousand dollars for small sensor cameras like the D7000 or 7D..? They should make full frame DSLRs standard and do away with all the DSLRs with crop factors. Why keep these sub standard cameras around when the technology is readily available? I guess we all know the answer; they do it because they can! Remember the days of the film cameras? Everyone used 35mm and that was the standard.

You are certainly right for the first part of your comment. However, sensor size is directly related to camera size & weight as well as the lens reach.
Small sensors, such as 1/2.3", are necessary for manufacturing portable cameras with 35X zoom lens. APS-C standard is very practical for most amateurs with a good range of lenses available from many sources.
At the end of the day, there is a market for every product because different people have different needs.

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I was hoping for a hybrid camera with this type of sensor, a camera with a long range zoom, 20X or so, that could be used as a travel camera & for general activities.
However, I still think that this camera will have its loyal customers. Its success will depend basically on having smaller & lighter lenses on one hand, and hopefully, much lower prices than the initially announced ones.

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