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Couscousdelight: Lie-ca, nice catch ;)

As said by Ropi below, they lie with the "Made in Germany" mention too, they are in fact made in Portugal, then send to Gerrmany.
Like for cars, it's just another german quality myth.

Sorry to reply to car stuff on a photo website, but the telling part may just be how wrong that website is. I am in the US and Suzuki's reliability helped put them out of the market, as in they no longer sell cars here. And Mitsubishi nearly got put out of business for hiding necessary recalls. I had a Mercedes C-class that I put 130k miles on it with very little trouble. It was also the easiest car I have ever had to work on. I hope that my new Subaru has as little trouble with it as my Mercedes did--and by reputation I should be fine. My friends Honda however, problem after problem--and always serviced on time at the dealer. She spent WAY too much money keeping that car running!

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Hugo808: Once again everyone whines and niggles that the low level pixel shadow detail isn't as good as blah blah from blah blah. So what, no-one ever looks at pictures that close anyway! If your photos were any good people would be too stunned to care about that nerdy crap.

View these pics at a proper size and they look great, as usual, and no different from anyone elses.

I might as well save a couple thousand dollars and get a small sensor SLR? This camera IS a couple thousand dollars!! Who is giving away free small sensor cameras? I'll take 3!

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erichK: Sadly, our world of global corporations with very limited national oversight facilitates the kind of shady transactions that this ex-CEO reports.

There likely was something very questionable going on at Olympus.

But there is also reason to distrust this self-proclaimed corporate crusader. For one thing, according to a former Olympus employee who posts on the OLY dslr forum, W. was a notorious corporate cost-cutting shark. For another, the degree to which he was prepared to retaliate to his firing by the Board he appears to have focussed his energies on toppling belies the apparent assumption of many here that his motives were purely altruistic.

W. may indeed simply have an immense ego and huge personal ambitions. But he could also be acting for other parties for whom a massive decline in the value of Olympus stock and the disgrace of their present Board and management would prove very useful by facilitating the sidelining and/or takeover of a competitor.

Of course he has an immense ego and huge personal ambitions. Very few could get close to the position he held with out those attributes. (I'm not saying they are good attributes, just saying..) My big hesitation is that he reported it to the authorites. He would have to be pretty sure they could prove it to come out in public and say he reported them. If he just reports them and there is an investigation, it would drop stock prices. By stating publicly he reported them, his ass is on the line. He now has to back his claims up, and he has to know that. Smart is another attribute he has to have to get where he was.

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mpgxsvcd: Freaking awesome camera. Oh wait this is vaporware. Anybody can list a host of revolutionary features that will come out in the future. Epic Fail.

Canon waves its magic wand and misses.

And March is less than 6 months months from now, so by your own words this is not the same as a promise to have something in the future.

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