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digilux: Air conditioning is better, but I still like to open the windows......
depending on where you live, an open window is healthier and better for the enviroment

Automatic transmissions are better, but I still prefer a clutch pedal.
If you are lazy yes, but race or rallyecars have manual boxes

Air travel is better, but I still like to drive or take the train
Better in polluting? Noise? Air travel is a plague and corona would not have been a pandemic without it.

"non-sense" - nonsense. Prefixes (and suffixes) don't need a hyphen.

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MN13: In the long run, since there are no smartphones using film and smartphones are already the most used cameras, this indeed getting close to a settled issue for the general consumer.

Users of a, say, 11x14"are not debating this either (very nice 11x14" at http://svedovsky.com/11x14-camera/). But here, the medium may be part of the message.

For 35mm and 645, there might be still be a debate. Interesting to wonder what would be if Kodachrome and Ilfochrome would still be available. (How would a 16x20" Ilfochrome print of a 645 Kodachrome negative compare to a digital printout of a digital negative of the same format having used the same lens.)

No need to unnecessarily contextualize this X vs Y debate , it's really horses for courses.

"would still be available" = were still available

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Hysterical Paroxysm: I will never buy a mirrorless camera... it's not even a word, is it! No, I'm a big bloke... yeah, like a horse, sugar... I've got great big hands too. I once crushed an Olympus OM1 just trying to find the shutter speed ring! For me, even a Nikon D5 is far too wee... I have to handle it between thumb and forefinger and use specially adapted eyebrow tweezers to change lenses! I'm trying to build my own camera using an old Canon USB scanner and a microwave oven, though I doubt even that'll quench my need for BIG. Did I mention, I'm a big bloke... with big appetites? When will we Japanese realise that creating Lilliput on Earth is a bad move?

SmartArtlover wrote: " I literally died reading this"

Were you resurrected to write this post?

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Gatoraied: This photographer speaks of Gear Head and pixel peeping heresy. For the majority of the people on this website, thankfully not all, the infatuation with mostly meaningless specs consumes every breath they take. Analyzing, dissecting, pixel peeping gear heads who have nothing to show for their efforts but blindly preorder new gear without ever utilizing what they have. This photographer clearly shows that for what she does, it can be done with virtually any camera. This website also is guilty in mostly posting terribly unprofessional samples then having the gaul to tell others what its good for and what its not as though they have a clue, seriously! Interpretation: Skill over gear always wins.

"having the gaul" - is that an Asterix reference?

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Dirk Nuary: Why no Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is sold in Europe.

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boinkphoto: "the dwindling supply of film SLRs"

Dwindling where? There's like 50 years worth of cameras out there.

SLR box Brownies?

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GabrielZ: It's a lovely looking camera, with the internals to match now. Just wish it was weather proofed. The only major oversight on Fuji's part I think.

I'd guess it was a decision rather than an oversight.

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mqavila: From what I understand, the TZ110 uses the PAL format by default. The ZS100, on the other hand, uses the NTSC format. In either case, is it possible to switch between these two video formats through the menu system?

Thanks in advance!

PAL and NTSC are analog video formats and you would need a vintage TV for playback. Switchable frame rate (25 or 30 fps) is a standard feature on most digital cameras.

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