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JasonRacey: I want to like Pentax but their lens options are unorthodox. Their wide-angle zooms are the 15-30mm f/2.8, 16-50mm f/2.8, and 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6. I don't want to lug around a brick-heavy f/2.8 lens, and the variable-aperture 16-85 is probably similar build to a kit lens. Every major has a 16-35 f/4 or near-equivalent, except Pentax. Tony Northrup keeps calling the K-1 the best landscape DSLR, but the lens selection makes it impractical for wilderness shooters.

16-50/2.8 and 16-85/2.8 are for the APS-C format, not for FF. If you want more compact and wider than standard zoom, Pentax used to make a very nice FA20-35/4. Not easy to find second hand though...

Link | Posted on Feb 22, 2018 at 14:50 UTC

I agree these cameras are great fun, and some very nice images can be had with them.
The Theta works well on a monopod with a tilt head. The tilt head allows for level positioning of the camera in most cases.
Ricoh also makes an Extension Adapter which makes it easy to add some distance between the attachment of the Theta to the "real world" (hand, tripod, table, esp the hand...) which in turn makes it easier to remove in PP.
In terms of software, Adobe Photoshop has a very practical 3D workspace, which makes cloning out tripod/hand/photographer in the original image very easy. As such other PP (incl applying projection) can be done on a proper 360° file without yourself in it.
The Apps Ricoh provides are great for finalizing the images, but I still find myself opening them in my preferred panoramic tool, PT Gui Pro, which opens the files perfectly.
When shooting try and stand on as neutral and continuously textured a surface as possible so as to facilitate cloning out yourself.

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(unknown member): Enjoyed the ideas in this video, but couldn't see them translated in the stills. Pity.

Shame indeed. I came away with the same feeling. Good ideas and advice, though strangely not reflected in the images shown.

Link | Posted on Jul 10, 2017 at 12:49 UTC
On article Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review (130 comments in total)

Good review. I agree with most points expect I never had an issue with the shoulder straps not being padded. I've had my 20L since late 2016, and have been using it daily as a day backpack to carry my laptop and other work related stuff. I frequently load it pretty full. Perhaps if I had a 30L, the strap thing might be more of an issue because that can be loaded 50% heavier...

I love the way this bag can be configured for very different contents. For a week long photography trip last week I rearranged the entire setup to accommodate my Pentax K-3II and an assortment of 6 fixed focal length lenses (4 Samyangs: 10/2.8, 16/2, 24/1.4 and 135/2; and 2 Pentax: 35/2.8 macro and 77/1.8), next to some limited travel stuff. I could have taken an extra lens. Hiking multiple hours with a tripod (3LT Leo) attached to the side was no problem at all.

Build quality is excellent indeed. I've been using the bag intensively for over half a year and it doesn't shows any signs of wear.

Link | Posted on Jun 26, 2017 at 09:49 UTC as 23rd comment
On article Google Pixel XL camera review (200 comments in total)

Thanks for the review. I've been waiting to upgrade my old Nexus 5 to a Pixel XL and this review only makes me more impatient. I really hope Google will start selling them worldwide soon... Here's Belgium waiting...

Link | Posted on Dec 21, 2016 at 16:07 UTC as 49th comment
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Pedro Moreira: I dont know anything about this software but i just wanted to say that the Picture above, with the church and the river it was taken in my lovely home town Porto in Portugal! :)

I took almost the exact same picture about 3 months ago. Great city indeed!!

Link | Posted on Aug 11, 2016 at 08:21 UTC
On article Waterfails: We test Pentax K-1's Pixel Shift (225 comments in total)
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Zerixos: Not every landscape is with a waterfall in it. I live in a country with almost no waterfalls, and its straight-out flat around here so in many cases I will have a horizon with clouds. Movement is not suitable for pixelshift, and although it has some issues in some of the leaves, the rocks look great. What I like to know is how are clouds effected? Some might say they will look great as well, but on a windy day I can imagen those tend to have issues as well.

Depends on shutter speed. If this is sufficiently fast, movement in the clouds will be too small to make any difference. If extremely slow shutter speeds are used (such as in this strange test) there may be an issue.

On a side note, I do wonder however, what the use of pixel shift is in shots with milky waterfalls and clouds. It's not as if the waterfall or clouds in these images will benefit from pixel shift added extra resolution. If you want extra resolution in the surrounding landscape, make a pixel shift shot with fast shutter speeds and merge it in photoshop with another exposure for the waterfall / clouds...

Link | Posted on Jun 1, 2016 at 07:21 UTC

Love the original. Great to have an additional option!

Link | Posted on May 4, 2016 at 08:30 UTC as 16th comment
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Cheyne: Anyone else think these bags look too boxy? They seem to just hang at peoples sides sticking out like a cardboard box.

When carried at your side the size can be cumbersome indeed.

However, the bags are made to be carried messenger style on your back. I'm not a tall man, but when the bag is on my back I don't feel the size at all.

The bag only comes to my side when I need to access my gear (mostly through the top zipper), and that works fine for me since the strap allows for a smooth sling (much better than any other slings I owned).

hth, Wim

Link | Posted on May 4, 2016 at 08:27 UTC
On article Accessory Review: Peak Design Slide Camera Sling strap (150 comments in total)

I went through many straps over the years, since I never really liked the ones that were provided with my cameras. And I always used them till they were completely worn out. As such it may be too early to evaluate my Peak Design Slide. After all, I've only been abusing it for about 6 months.

However... so far it is by far the best strap I've owned!

The adjustment buckles haven't scratched anything so far, and the stiffness of the padding actually makes it easier to store in my bags (I put the stiff part over the camera LCD and tuck the rest away to the side of the camera).

The price... it's a lot for a strap indeed. However, for an accessory that is used for every single picture I take, it's ROI is much higher than a 1000 EUR lens that I use only for specific types of shots...


Link | Posted on May 2, 2016 at 07:20 UTC as 38th comment
On article UPDATED: CP+ 2016: shooting the Pentax K-1 in Yokohama (378 comments in total)

Metering with manual lenses? In manual mode press the green button for stop down metering. Works like a charm.

Good information for the rest!! Tx

Link | Posted on Mar 2, 2016 at 20:35 UTC as 99th comment | 4 replies
On article Behind the Shot: Prince of the Night (85 comments in total)
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davids8560: I guess what I'm wondering is whether or not I can achieve images anywhere near like these with the less expensive gear I have. My most comparable set up I guess would be the Pentax K-3 and the Pentax DA 16-45 f4. Or the manual focus 28mm f/2.8. Oh, and a Manfrotto travel tripod. The FZ1000 doesn't stand a chance, right?

I've had very good results for (technically) similar shots with my K-3 and K-3II. Albeit combined with a DA*16-50/2.8 and a Samyang 16/2. Esp the latter inexpensive lens is great for this kind of work. Exposures up to 20s at f/2 for the stars, longer if required for the landscape and foreground. Either with the Astrotracer unit or with the K-3II's built-in astrotracer function, you can go even longer for the stars.

hth, Wim

Link | Posted on Dec 13, 2015 at 09:15 UTC

Hmm, I'm collecting too many bags as it is, but this seems a nice solution for my next rain forest trip. Unfortunately even the Agua 45 isn't large enough to fit my DSLR with my Sigma EX180/3.5 macro, i.e. my most used rain forest lens (even without the hood that I normally always keep on). I suppose I'll wait for a Agua 55 or 65 model.


Link | Posted on Jun 5, 2015 at 11:51 UTC as 17th comment

Let's try a positive comment. This will probably be the best 100mm macro on the market for manual focus. None of the AF lenses will have a focus ring that will manually focus as smoothly as this Samyang.

Link | Posted on Apr 3, 2015 at 07:42 UTC as 30th comment

Great little all weather flash to have in the bag just in case when on the road. I'll want to test that for macro I think. Shame it doesn't seem to provide a setting for use as a slightly more flexible and powerful (compared to built in flash) controller for remote flashes. Cannot have it all I guess, esp at that price...


Link | Posted on Feb 10, 2015 at 07:51 UTC as 11th comment
On article Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report (150 comments in total)

Shame indeed this report doesn't include the professional stand, which included some nice spotting scopes and a DA560/5.6 that could be tried next to the 645Z with the impressive new 28-45 lens. It was the busiest part of the Ricoh stand BTW (both in front and behind the counter), and you actually had to wait for your turn to try out the gear, which was much less the case at the other counters in the stand.
Not many new lenses indeed (except for the impressive looking mock-ups), but looking at the entire setup it has gotten *very* complete over the years. Since this is contrary to the often repeated reputation of Pentax lacking lenses, I heard a lot of surprise from other visitors to the stand concerning the lens setup.

Link | Posted on Sep 22, 2014 at 07:46 UTC as 8th comment
On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 (350 comments in total)

The lights can be switched off it seems, though it is nice to have somewhat more feedback when using the self timer, esp in these selfie times.

I like the fact that they didn't give up after the "failed" bold design of the K-01 (though in all it didn't sell that badly I'm told), and are continuing to explore the way APS-C camera's looks can evolve instead of just rehashing the past in retro-designs.

Whether I personally like the camera or not will be decided when I see the real thing in my hands... I suspect another lens will make some difference (the DA20-40 limited comes to mind).


Link | Posted on Aug 28, 2014 at 12:20 UTC as 68th comment

These are a rebrand of the Kata PL series indeed.

I ordered a Kata 3N1 PL 35 some time ago from my B&M store. After that no news, so I went to Kata's website and found it redirected to Manfrotto with new versions of the bags.

Then, three days ago I got a message from my store that they had the Manfrotto version of the bag (so actually two days before this PR), so I went and bought it. Compared to the Kata I handled at Photokina 2012, the Manfrotto seems not just a rehash with different colours, but the materials seem to have had an overhaul as well? Esp the central dividers inspired more confidence. But that could be a trick of my memory... Anyway, I prefer the grey interior with the red accent to the yellow of Kata.

Regardless, the brand label doesn't change the fact that these bags are very well designed and are the closest fit for my requirements to date.

Oh, and about the price. I actually got mine at 50 EUR less than the price the store had the Kata version listed.


Link | Posted on Aug 12, 2014 at 07:13 UTC as 10th comment
On article Quick Review: That Steady Thing (70 comments in total)

I actually like this idea a lot. I use a monopod frequently to reach a POV I cannot reach otherwise, so this means I always have a lightweight monopod with me. Whereas I don't always want to carry a tripod as well. Esp when hiking. For long exposures I'm always looking for supports for my bean bag. This solution could end that quest (at least partly).

One improvement I can think of: make sure the boss can rotate and can be locked. Reason for this is that I prefer a simple (lower weight) tilt head on my monopod to a (heavier) ball head. The current design of that-steady-thing is great for a monopod with ball head, but with a tilt head that cannot rotate the solution offers little flexibility.

Keeping an eye on this!


Link | Posted on Jul 10, 2014 at 10:52 UTC as 39th comment
On article Ricoh announces 'HD' update to Pentax DA Limited primes (192 comments in total)

I was seriously impressed at Photokina 2012 when I saw the demo comparing HD coating with SMC. I'm glad we're seeing this coating introducing the the entire line-up instead of only in the high profile DA560/5.6 or 645D glass.

The rounded aperture blades will certainly help the longer focal lengths! I won't be updating my DA15 and DA21 yet though, and for now I think I will stick to my older FA limiteds for the longer focal lengths.

Still, a nice update to a great line-up. Guess this means Ricoh/Pentax still sees the limiteds as core of their DSLR ecosystem, which I like because my favourite Pentax DSLR design, i.e. the still current K-7/5/5II(s), was rumoured to be designed for the limited lenses specifically. I'm hoping a new advanced DSLR from Pentax will stay in this tradition as well.

Link | Posted on Aug 28, 2013 at 08:12 UTC as 26th comment
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