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I have one and was (water under the bridge) quite annoyed as to how poorly it worked. I'm glad to see they're releasing it to the world. Makes me feel a little bit better about them. Never thought they were scammers. Just feel like they were in over their head.

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Rens: Not in the market for a sports camera myself, but the higher ISO shots are all softer than I was expecting. Some seemed wrongly focused, others just soft.

If you pixel peep the high ISO shots (3200-ish), there's a LOT of processing. If you don't pixel peep, it's OK.

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So it simulates a long exposure through multiple shorter exposures?

It seems as though the author of this article isn't a experienced photographer. I base that mostly on the title of the article. For a low light performance demonstration, I'm not expecting a [simulated] long exposure. I'm expecting a much shorter exposure, usually because of a high ISO.

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On article Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR (396 comments in total)

Dang it! I just picked up a D7400.

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Sorry, what?

I was too focused on my outrage of the movie Stand By Me. Those darn kids are on the tracks! The movie should be banned.

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Didn't (won't) read the article. What I'm most amazed at is that a publicity photo has a guy with hair like that, both on top of the head and on the face. Probably took a team of people hours to make it look that bad.

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James C. Murray: Anyone know what a Laser pointer does to a drone camera sensor?

Enginel, I use a privacy fence to keep privacy. Before drones, it worked just fine.

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Daniel Bliss: The original Ars Technica story has better details than this; the drone flyer kept the telemetry data from the flight. The drone never hovered over the shooter's house, though it did transit it--at 273 feet above ground level according to the flyer's data. It was two lots over and still around 270 feet when it was shot down. This shooter is military grade.

Oh yes, and this all happened in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

The telemetry video is here.

The same article, via an update, also admits that such a shot may not be possible.

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xiao fei: Regardless of how obnoxious you think the drone is, the appropriate course of action is to record it and or just go inside and call the police instead of shooting firearms into the air. If your rights are being infringed, there is a legal system for that.

Point taken. I'd be curious as to what the success rate of that method is.

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Pontoneer: Flying a drone is quite harmless next to discharging firearms in a residential area .

The flyer has no intention of doing harm , but the actions of the shooter are bourne out of nothing but pure malice , and at the very least the firearms licensing authority should revoke his licence and take away all his guns , with jail time likely too for endangering the public since he can't control where his projectiles end up , and the shot down drone could easily injure someone rather than landing safely .

Of course CAA regs also limit where drones can be flown with limits on height and minimum distances from people , animals and buildings , so wrong on the flyers part too .

I'm unclear as to how you know the intention of the flyer.

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justmeMN: Hmm. FAA drone rules say "Must keep the aircraft in sight (visual line-of-sight)". You can't do that when you are sitting at home behind your computer.

Maybe Cape has someone with override capability that maintains line of sight.

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Dr_Jon: They say it wants 300MB of RAM per MP of image, which adds up fast. A 50MP image will want 15GB of free memory (you'll probably need 32GB or to wait around for a heck of a lot of swapping), 24MP will want 7.2GB (so again you probably want 16GB).

Oh and I agree the colour changes in the Eye don't look good, but it is a single example about ringing so probably shouldn't have too much derived from it.

Finally they say it prefers to work from a non-JPEG input, which makes it less useful for many.

If you're end product is a 50MP image, you're probably not going to use JPEG as the format.

I agree the RAM usage is high, but consider this a final step, before producing distributable image.

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)
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TwoMetreBill: Why don't they pursue new markets that only require a software update? Every dashcam we've tried is junk. I'd buy a GoPro dashcam in a minute.

You may be buying the wrong dashcams. I'm quite happy with my Falcon, including their customer service.

However, if Gopro produced a dashcam, I would consider it.

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)

I don't understand their business model. Their core customer base is enthusiasts. Competition has appeared, but they target general consumers. The key is to continue to put out a better product, in order to maintain the enthusiast base. GoPro is perfectly capable of doing that. Expand to professionals (which they've done), but hang onto your base.

Instead, they announce that they're abandoning enthusiasts, in favor of professionals only? I'm not surprised repeated downsizing is the result.

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What STATE???? Put in just a little bit of effort.

Yea, the linked article provides the state, but DPReview is pretty lazy on this one. Seeing that the author doesn't understand terms like "awarded" and "settlement", I guess I'm expecting too much.

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grock: "police officers violated his 1st, 4th, 8th, and 14th amendment rights."
only 45k? Seems low. That's barely $11,000 for each Amendment!

You're assuming guilt. Maybe it's justifiably low. Otherwise, Garcia wouldn't have settled.

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Old Cameras: "Settlement" implies it never went to trial, which is unfortunate. Something tells me that no wrong doing was admitted, just a wad of crumpled cash offered up to make it all go away. They needed to be judged and found guilty with a prescription for change.

Marty4650, I don't understand your assertion that Garcia could very likely win. If that were the case, Garcia wouldn't have settled for less than 10% of the amount sought. Perhaps, Garcia was 90% at fault, while the county was 10% at fault?

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santamonica812: Minor quibble: She was not "awarded" anything, as the article makes clear that it was a settlement. She was given, she settled, she agreed upon . . . all of those could be accurate.

An award would be if a jury or judge found in her favor and ordered an amount of money (or equitable relief, etc).

(As I said, minor quibble.) :-)
Especially since this is a photography, and not a legal-interest, site.

That's not a minor quibble. It's a major point.

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Roland Karlsson: DPR: So - it did fly. But - did it fly well? And - did you see the selfies it took?

I'm disappointed in this article. I expect "hands on" to mean they actually used it, not just touched it. Why bother with an article at all?

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webber15: Typical Pentax going down the el cheapo route...the KP looks like it was attacked by a circular saw - whereas the Canon looks like it's been attacked by a precision laser...

I like the fact that it looked like they took a ban saw to a real camera.

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