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Shoot the MOON !
I took 2 shots of the moon , one in day-time with blue skies and one at night with no sky, with my Canon SX50 super zoom.
There are craters "galore" on the moon surface.
Never thought they would be so detailed ...

Ok, but what realy bowled me over was our christmas holliday photos, and our new grand daughter -now 5 months old- that out of 1304 photo's , only 37 were deleted in the end... and some only because they were duplicates !

I also tried moon photos with the smaller Canon SX260... Yes the moon came out clearly, but not as excellent as with the Canon SX50.

I stll have a few othe cameras ... each for a special need...but truly these two Canons rock the boat !!!

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I bought the Canon sx50hs 2 weeks after I bought my Canon sx260hs

What a joy !
You have to like a camera a lot if you buy 2 similar brand names in 2 weeks.
I have an SX40hs also... but what really just stunned me was that the super abilities of the last 2 cameras I bought, are just amazing + .

Thanks a lot to DPREVIEW s software that made comparison between cameras more clear.I am on cloud nine++...

Keep it up CANON ...WOW...
I am into cameras over 40 years... but now it is so advanced and accurate...
my Macro photos are super duper expi elli docious !!!

I have taken a lot of photos with them ...What a satisfied customer I am today !!!

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