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Old Cameras: 8 seconds recording time :(
The admittedly less practical and astronomically more expensive, to say nothing of being totally unobtainable, streak cameras that photographed the early (the first) thermonuclear bomb test ran at over 3 millions frames per second. For about 3 seconds.

They used multiple has cameras fitted with Kerr cell shutters

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On article Fujifilm FinePix F601 Zoom Review (2 comments in total)

My first ' Proper Digital Camera' In some ways I wish I had kept it.

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vscd: I think this could be the new standard-hasselblad lens, but I recommend some svarovski-crystals on the front.

No Silly! It has to be the INSIDE! Just think of the enhanced Chromatic Aberration that gives

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On article Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift Resolution: Updated Field Test (209 comments in total)

The issues with Lightroom are remenisent of the Fuji debacle when Adobe first tried to work with non Bayer sensors. It was customer pressure which fixed that, but even then a year passed before a working solution arrived. Have heart, Adobe will fix this.

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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FodgeandDurn: I haven't been in the market for a DSLR for a while, but there was something very very pleasant about holding the K3. It's ergonomics seemed pretty perfect, like it's designers were very conscious of the body getting out of the way to let you take pictures. It's sculpted grip, pixel-shift mode and bright viewfinder made it a much more exciting proposition than a nearby D7200.

I'm still not sure I'd go back to a DSLR because I love taking photographs hiking and out and about on trips, but if I were in the market I think I'd buy this without having to think much about it.

As a Pentaxian over the past 40 years, I finally moved on from the K5 and went Fuji X. As others have said bodies come and go but you really invest in good lenses. Which used to be a Pentax forté.
But whilst I do now have an excelent set of Fuji lenses I've kept the K5 which I find to be practically indestructible and totally waterproof. So I can see a body swap K5 to K1 on the cards later this year and I'm really looking forward to using my old K series lenses as they were intended to be used!

Thank you Pentax!

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1494 comments in total)

What Happened to Leica?

Its roots are in 35mm stock film, when everyone else was using Plate or 620 film. And it linked this with brilliant optics for the time to effectively give Photographers the same quality, admittedly at a price.

Today we see this approach happening with Fuji, and possibly Sony if they get their Lens portfolio sorted out. And one could even argue that Smart Phones are becoming the new Leica - And where the cash and innovation is being focused.

To me Leica should be giving us real innovation in Photography, rather than making the equivalent of a Plate camera. I'm sure Ernst Leitz is spinning in his grave!!

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Alphabart: 1/32,000th of a second indeed. not 1/3200th which is rather a big difference

And for Landscape, astro photography, or anytime you are on a tripod and need ultimate sharpness from your image whilst mounted on a tripod. I sometimes dig out my 1000mm F10 Rubinar when the atmosphere is clear enough, and there is a noticeable improvement in resolution using the totally vibration free electronic shutter. Having 24 or 48Mp wouldn't make any difference, as the atmosphere under 6000ft limits what is achieveable.

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Ben Herrmann: Wow, as an avid Fuji X user (among several other brands also), I was not planning on getting the X-T1 (although I love that camera). But this firmware...changes everything. Now it's just the question of where can I get the moolaa to pick one up. Perhaps, I may "pimp" out the Misses for a week or so to obtain the cash. Don't know if she'll understand the reasons why, but WTF, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!!

Don't miss out on the X-T10. I have both and to me are practically the same to use

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Tablo: Good on Samsung, this is the right thing to do for a pro level system.

Yes good on them for following the Fuji tradition of continuous improvement rather than a continuous chain of practically similar cameras, aka cannikon.

Fuji have 3 years of lens production on Samsung. so as a devotee of their Primes I ain't changing. But if I was starting from scratch this camera would be first on the list to try out.

Link | Posted on May 19, 2015 at 19:56 UTC
On photo Dan_ACR_ISO200_f5 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (4 comments in total)

Nice to see - but I would have preferred a F2.8, like the 14mm, and possibly half the size (and price).

I struggle to see the advantage of sub F2 lenses at this focal length on, what should be a small light camera system. There's not a great deal of differential focus between F1.4 and F2 or F2.8 below 20mm, provided the lens is sharp wide open - which the Fujinons I have, all are.

Still, If I had the cash, I'd be considering it...

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On a photo in the Fujifilm XF 16mm f/1.4 R WR Samples Gallery sample gallery (4 comments in total)

Nice to see - but I would have preferred a F2.8, like the 14mm, and possibly half the size (and price).

I struggle to see the advantage of sub F2 lenses at this focal length on, what should be a small light camera system. There's not a great deal of differential focus between F1.4 and F2 or F2.8 below 20mm, provided the lens is sharp wide open - which the Fujinons I have, all are.

Still, If I had the cash, I'd be considering it...

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EcoPix: These are modern day 5x4 and 10x8 cameras, in film speak. That part of the photographic market was always small, specialised, expensive, and mostly commercial. Nothing different, really.

Comparing an 80 mp camera with a Rodenstock lens to a Pentax SLR is like comparing a Deardorff 8x10 to a, well, Pentax SLR. Having said that, there is a yawning gap in today's camera line-up, waiting to be filled by a small medium format CMOS-fitted mirrorless body thin enough to take a range of capable tilt/swing lens adapters.

Such a body would be bread and butter for professional studio photographers and very many landscape photographers. With such a huge market, economies of scale would bring prices well down.

If Pentax can make their system SLR for $9000 with dedicated lens, then a mass-produced universal mirrorless MF body should be able to sell for $6000. And the Chinese engineers could do the rest with adapters for Hasselblad V, large format and all the other existing lenses out there.

Well we know who makes Hassy lenses and had a history of MF. So my guess is Fuji will in 2015/16

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Andydj: No “Classic Chrome” for the XE-1!.....Time to sell on e-Bay

You're not missing much. I have the XE-1 and the XT-1 now with the new Firmware. Provided you capture RAW It's not too hard to repeat on the XE-1. and I find CChrome Green a bit to 'unfujilike' for my taste (rather flat).

It does puzzle me though why this couldn't have been in the upgrade. After all its just a profile.

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On article Pentax 645Z added to studio comparison database (141 comments in total)
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Adrien S: This Pentax body seems to be such a bargain for the features it offers...
Or at least, it's better than what Hasselblad offers for that price.
Pentax really is making things better for photographers.

We have had a discussion that, like Pentax, Fuji might jump to MF, given their declared opposition to FF and a history of MF. But that would be Mirrorless for sure.

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Ido S: If I were a Fuji X user I'd preorder this lens because it's probably the best travel zoom for ILCs ever.

I Have the XT-1 and it comes with a £250 Discount for this lens (when available) so i will get this lens. I also have the K5 with the two WR Zooms.

I'm certain that this Zoom on the XT-1 will have a superior IQ to the PK. But I doubt that it will be as water resistant as the Pentax combo, which I have no issues with even in torrential rain.

The giveaway is the poor seals around the SD Card door of the XT-1, and the Battery Compartment on the vertical grip is clearly not (due to the rubber seal arond the DC lead input being 'loose'). And I ain't putting the XT-1 down on a wet surface (see photo above) as water would go straight into the battery compartment. So for anything other than a light shower I will stick with the K5.

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rogerhyam: I the words of the cookie monster: "Me wants it but me waits". The $/£/€ thing gets to me. Even with UK VAT it should be 20% cheaper.

£ to $ is 1:1.64 Which, if $999 is correct, should be £609 or £730 with tax. So I for one wont buy until I'm out of the Eurozone! Shame as the UK could do with the Tax revenue.

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On article Pentax K-50 real-world and test scene samples (146 comments in total)
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tommy leong: very NICE
i just love Pentax cameras

Some comment about the LX not being a Professional Camera? Well it was the first one at the time with TTL metering. And I still have A FD-1 magnifying optic which has a bayonet mount into the Pentaprism (Can/Nikon just had magnifying adapters). It's actually still very good for identifying specks of dust on the sensor of My K5 & XPro-1.

The main reason I keep with Pentax for DSLR's is (like most people of my years) the K Mount, and I quite happily use many of my old '70's Lenses. Such as the Tamron SP 300 F2.8 & SP90 Macro.

Foe IQ I would defer to Fuji nowadays, and their suite of lenses are unsurpassed for the price. But its not waterproof, which the PK is, using its two kit lenses - For a committed rambler is essential.

PS. the current top Pentax is the K3, when the price drops next year I may invest.

I just don't understand the need to compare DSLR brands in this heated way. They are all excellent.

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On article Fujifilm XF 23mm F1.4 R real-world samples gallery (125 comments in total)
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topstuff: I have to say, purely objectively and not currently as a Fuji user, that the general look and quality of the images from the Fuji camera and lens is very, very pleasing in my opinion.

The IQ is lovely.

They have my attention for sure.

I've glued to my XE-1! Great Focal Length, Great IQ, Great lens...

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On article Just deployed: New forums system (699 comments in total)
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Octane: Looks great. But everything takes about twice as much screen space now without giving you twice the amount of information. Especially the old tight and compact list of threads was great, but now is a long 'padded' list. Not sure that's really an improvement.

I entirely agree. it's no longer easy to pick up on a thread..... scroll scroll scroll....

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RussellInCincinnati: Perhaps DPreview should note that this adapter does not cause the current Sony Nex cameras to enter their always-bright-viewfinder mode. This is in contrast to the behavior of a Nex with a Sony Nex flash attached. I.e. when a Nex flash is mounted and activated, the camera can automatically enter a mode where the viewfinder brightness is always reasonable, no matter what manual exposure settings have been made.

One would have thought that their experience with Betamax / VHS would have made Sony realise the error of their ways. They do the same with Batteries and it just convinces me never to by Sony products. Anyway the Fuji XPro-1 is a better camera and fitted with a standard hot shoe.

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