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osan: D810 has good dynamic range sure. But 4EV push for shadows is only for small prints and Facebook photos and it shows all the symptoms of over processing. The recent preoccupation with DR is blown way out of proportion.

looks like you never did landscape with high contrast ...

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Sergey Borachev: Fantastic news and I say this as someone who has never owned any of its cameras. Sony deserves this. Always pushing the envelope, trying new ideas, formats, putting everything in and not holding back on technology, as well as persevering over so many years. It is finally getting it right, with the RX100, A7, and its sensors. Good to see it has a management that dare to explore and dream, and not just short-sighted beancounters. Compare that with Samsung and Canon.

shortsighted? well, maybe not. would be glad if they have had more support though like lossless raw for older 7R etc... cannot get it.

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elgol20: Where is the update for the 7R, lossless RAW etc?!

yeah, sure. just that this does not sustain my trustlevel, have I not known this problem before I bought the 7R and was really underwhelmed seeing the milkyway pictures with the super sharp zeiss 55mm. the result is that bad I'd prefer any lomo pics of the milkyway ... ;)

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Where is the update for the 7R, lossless RAW etc?!

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No lossless RAW for 7R?

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That was good. Since years I am having discussions like this, not only concerning photography. I tell people it is a bit like quantum mechanics, a probabillity calculations with systematical and nonsystematical errors and want to continue explaning. usually the discussions stops there. but nevertheless it is very interesting if you start thinking. i once visited Leica in solms and there was this really old guy shownig us around and since we were a small group with ingeniers from france too it took more than 3 hours. this guy was so great and had so much fun explaning even though he had done this for decades. than the chief ingeneer of leica optics came by and he answered our questions for at least 15 minutes or so. this was the best i have ever heard or read concerning this topic. i remember him explaining the process of manufactureing the noctilux lens, which now costs 9500 euros. you might think crazy, but it actually is not

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Does anyone have this too: I have the feeling using LR 6.4 results in less responsive action: pushing the slides does not occur at once, makes me crazy! What can this be? (Was not like this before)

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TSeiler: People are switching to cell phone cameras. DSLRs are now dinosaurs. The only ones who don't understand that are the ones who have invested a giant sum of money into dead technology. In a few years your giant DSLRs will be as worthless as film cameras are today. You can argue with me and call me all the names you want but it won't reverse progress. No one with a brain wants to haul around a camera the size of a toaster.

yeah, cellphone pics are so nice, great DOF, superb bokeh and fantastic fast continues AF when shooting action...

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On article Sigma 20mm F1.4 'Art' lens real-world sample gallery (137 comments in total)

Looks soft at the edges even at f/4, strange to me. Purple edges I see a lot. Probably it is better at full frame?!

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Long exposures in 12bit mode? So no AP with this... Looks to me they implemented the 14bit in a rush, too bad!

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Has anyone used it? From


there are really positive things, even for normal photography, to be read

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I am very pleased with the A7r, owning a D800e. It´s not either or for me, they complete each other pretty much. especially deaccelerated shooting manually with the superb EVF is of great joy. the combination A7r with the FE55 is unbeaten. for sports and stress I take die Nikon

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I just had 7 cameras in a row with centering error in my hands. I cannot believe this. With 6 it was the upper right corner, one with lower right. the sony service-guy says noone knows about this. now I am waiting for a new delivery, and hopefully "made in japan"!

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