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  • As others have said, consult a lawyer. You might also want to consider Facebook's terms of service: You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is ...
  • 8K video is waiting in the wings - that's 33MPixels. What comes after that?
  • Not even close. Try our elevator company. Our elevator was installed 16 years ago. The model was discontinued the following year. Now parts are discontinued. The elevator will need to be rebuilt. ...
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    If you are merging pictures from 2 or more cameras/photographers it can be handy to have them all working on the same time zone.
  • Some cruise ships have their Wi-Fi/cell time set to an arbitrary port unrelated to their current location. Allowing automatic time set for computer or phone can be "interesting".
  • I lost a lens hood on an overseas trip once. I could definitely notice the effect on my pictures. As mentioned above, I generally remove it for flash pictures because it can cast a shadow. ...
  • Nikon has already experimented with mirrorless in the Nikon 1 system. The Nikon 1 has a 1" sensor. It also has an adapter for the DX and FX lenses in Nikon's line. I don't know how that approach ...
  • For me, the answer is LightRoom Classic. I typically have several extended trips a year that have no or very limited access to the Internet. I can't see how LightRoom CC would work in that situation.
  • Yes. On your MacBook, export the pictures you want on the desktop as a new catalog. Then import the new catalog on the desktop with File -> Import from Catalog.
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    Windows has a codex that allows raw files to be displayed by Windows Explorer (File Manager) and the Windows Photo app. At least it works with my NEF files.
  • This isn't new. The Nikon 1 series mirrorless cameras have an adaptor that allows the use of most FX and DX lenses.
  • Is no one interested in focus stacking?
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    I remove the hood on most lenses when using on-camera flash because the hood will cause a shadow.
  • Well, the obvious stop is Washington, DC with the National Mall, US Capital, White House, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial for a start. Across the Potomac River you have Arlington Cemetery ...
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    What platform: Windows, Mac, tablet? Nikon View is free, and Windows 10 comes with Windows Photo Gallery which has some light editing tools.
  • How do you get such a wonderful viewpoint for the nest?
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    I carry a 1-gallon plastic bag in my pocket. When I'm caught out in a shower I can slip it over the camera and lens for long enough to get to shelter. It takes up no space and is easily replaced ...
  • My first digital camera was a Kodak KDC120. 1 MP (interpolated). I could take pictures and immediately include them in letters to my mother. I still have it although I haven't used it in years. As ...
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