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What I'm looking forward to is a matching display for these images: it has the same amount of photo sites and micro-lenses as the camera, and turns the image into something viewable without the need for processing. It would give a 3D effect when viewed from the right range of angles, without the need for 3D glasses.

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I think this has enormous potential from a lens design point of view.

How about field curvature, chromatic aberration, spherical aberration, distortion? All trivially solved with the right algorithm. Some of that is already done today, and light field photography would add a whole new dimension to the possibilities.

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Jogger: solution looking for a problem.. do people really have a hard time focusing.. also, i dont think this tech will ever work on an FF camera with am 85/1.4 (for example).. its for dinky pinhead sized sensors that have infinite dof to begin with.. the oof area are digitally simulated (dont expect crasy dof separation from a point and shoot sensor)

And now consider a 100mp camera. Imagine the 3rd generation light field engine software which gets rid of most of the math stops. And suddenly we have something which looks quite interesting.

The first digital cameras produced horrible pictures, and many people claimed digital photography could never surpass analogue photography.

I think we're seeing the same here.

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Things will get even more interesting when industry decides on a standard and couples light field photography to microlensed displays. Then there will be no need to process the images, the viewer's eyes and brain will do all the processing: refocusing, perspective correction, depth perception, etc.

The first steps have been taken for 3D TVs without the need for special glasses, the first steps have been taken for light field photography, now combine the two!

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On photo Tracks into space in the Railroad Tracks challenge (2 comments in total)

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