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Eric Glam: I'd rather have a 3.5" OLED LCD with this resolution.

I hate OVFs and EVFs. They are just too limiting.
You must have the camera up close to your eye, and many situations require the photographer to extend his/her hands to get a shot. So a good articulating LCD is the better choice, at least for me.
The ONLY reason for having a view-finder is so the photographer can see in highly lit environments (broad day light, strong studio lights, etc).
I'm waiting to see what manufacturers bring to the table in 2012. I'll bet the LCD on the back is going to get so good, that photographers will see much less of a need to use a view-finder. Just look at all those gorgeous cellphones we have today with brilliant LCDs. I can't wait.

Try composing with an LCD with a 400mm lens. You'll have trouble even finding the target, let alone holding it still enough. For some (many, maybe) you're right, but I need some kind of viewfinder.

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tcab: Isn't there a fatal flaw in the inability to use Lightroom 4 on our old Lightroom 3 databases? Ideally I'd like to migrate my LR3 database to LR4 but this is not allowed. So these are the problems:

1. Having to boot up LR3 for some photos and LR4 on other photos will end up being a royal pain. Switching between programs all the time?

2. And what if I move photos and folders (which are referenced by LR3) around in LR4 and go back to LR3 - LR3 will go out of its mind not knowing what happened, and I will have to spend time repairing the LR3 catalog regarding photo locations.

This is potentially a real mess. The only way around it is to strictly use LR4 for new photos in new directory locations, and NEVER mess with your LR3 photos or your LR3 directory and photo locations using LR4. And vice versa.

Where does it say you can't use the LR3 database?

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Chaitanya S: I cant imagine someone using one of these shooting videos in public.

The EVFs are 1.2M dots, so they're among the highest resolution EVFs around, I believe. I think you'd have to try them to say how they compare to optical binoculars. I doubt they're as good, but they might not be too bad.

The digital zoom might give some good results, and the electronically boosted brightness might be useful in some situations too.

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