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rogerhyam: What I would like is manual focus feedback in the *optical* viewfinder so these cameras behaved more like "real" range finders.

I find EVFs horrible to use. It feels like you are losing touch with the subject and going to watch TV instead.

As I get long sighted with age back-screens are becoming worse. I either need longer arms or half moon glasses - not sure which is worse.

This leaves me with DSLRs or Leica's as my only options. We need to eat so Leica's are out.

It is a shame as these Fujifilm cameras are soooo nearly right. Oh and Raw support on Mac would be nice ;)

Excuse me, Lucas_ but the Fuji X100 (not "s") is one year older than Sony NEX-7, so Fuji was first on that. In any case, it was the position of the OVF in Leicas and compact cameras of many brand in the age of film, so Fuji (and later Sony) only copy, or borrow, that desing.

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