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Aside from a very obvious fake, I thought all the photos needed to be manipulated.

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matthew saville: Another fantastic example of the nauseating level of luxury and wastefulness of today's society. And they didn't even hire a local photographer.

I've heard people can die from jealousy.

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If a sports shooter doesn't like the new 7D, then it is probably a pretty reasonable camera for normal folks (with strong arms). Same goes for the original 7D which I still have and seldom shoot because I went mirrorless.

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Gee, I was hoping for an NEX-7 Mk II instead. Oh well....

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tko: So, is Road & Track going to start reviewing tricycles? Field and Stream magnetic fishing games? Better Ammo rubber band guns? High Fidelity USB sticks?

Is there is any hobby where people choose their gear based on how convenient it is, and not how it performs?

In no other enthusiast area do I see such pandering to laziest hobbyists. I don't use the word "lazy" as an insult - I'm lazy in many areas, no big deal. There's a lot of stuff in the world I just don't care about as long as it basically works. It's perfectly OK for people to feel that way about cameras. A minimum performance tool for a job.

But why have a web site that glorifies low performance? Why not write articles about the coolest and the best?

Road & Track will occasionally test a Yugo. Once they tested a blimp. Good clean fun. But they sell magazines with test of exotic supercars. They don't write articles on why a bike is all you really need. This site, seems to want to appeal to the Yugo drivers.

Went to China with my 7D and kit three years ago and swore I would never do that again. In January of this year I bought a Sony NEX-7 and a few lenses. The 7D has not been touched since. I'm trying to talk myself into selling it.

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rondhamalam: works for The Guardian ?

Must be good then, he's free from the devil Murdoc

Grow up.

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Thomas Traub: As long as photo-journalists make photos for papers and as long this photos in this papers dont move like a movie in the newspapers like they do in Harry Potter, there is still a place for still


Sorry Thomas, newspapers distributed on that stuff called "paper" are dying quickly. Net news distribution venues have videos embedded as a normal thing. Same goes for magazines.

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