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I went from Nikon to Sony and will always leave the door open to Nikon (or any other brand) that produces great gear with the features that I want. The whole taking sides thing is a little ridiculous to me. These look like great cameras to me and I can definitely see a lot of people appreciating the extra heft in the grip. For me personally, the lack of an Eye AF equivalent means I won’t be switching back to Nikon for now. That has become such a time-saving, shot-saving feature for me for the last few years that I really couldn’t see doing without it. It may not be so important for others.

Looks like prettty fine cameras to me!

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Stigg: learn to focus by eye and there's no need for eye auto focus. the camera companies are enfeebling the photographer rather than enabling him with so much automation.

Try nailing that focus manually with a crazy 2 yr old running around.

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ocean1: Thank you for the detailed review I am glad that it is big and detailed as a99II's sould have been ...

The conclusion is that its destroys the 1DXII and its very little behind Nikon's Excellent 3d tracking .

A big introduction into the Pro sports photography for Sony.

As I see it the benefits from quiet shooting and autofocus frame coverage are more importand from the tremendus speed of the camera at least for Wedding and ceremony shooters also of course for spor shooters that can do better compositions with this camera .

Now imaging the second generation body of this camera and you know who will be the New King ... Nikon and canon wake up please!

Ps. Nikon and canon should speed up their researh and development divisions .
A little more innovation especialy from canon that is sleeping will make photography industry shine like the old days that competition was strong between the 2 companies.

I'd love to see a push for more silent shutters at weddings and other events. The last wedding I went to (small and indoor) sounded like a Lebron James press conference. It was ridiculous.

I think as more and more cameras are available with silent shutters we'll see more people requesting them so their events don't sound like they invited the TMZ photographers along.

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A7rii owner here...this thing looks pretty awesome. If I had a need for better autofocus tracking I'd probably pick one of these up. I just don't do a lot of that type of shooting right now. I bet this thing is gonna be great though.

See, not all of us mirrorless owners are idiots :)

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curiousmike1300: You can argue pixels, dynamic range etc.... but when you use page 11 and scan around the diffs between the Canon and the D810... staggering might be overstated. Or not.

Wow. I really didn't expect that big of a difference. Those are some ugly shadows.

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ttran88: 50mp>42mp>36mp Nuff said. Canon best camera.

So, by this fine logic I can deduce that the camera in a Nokia Lumia 1020 phone (41mp) is better than a Canon 5d Mark iii (22mp). Brilliant! :)

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I love my A7RII, so I don't really get too worked up about reviews. Coming from Nikon, this camera just works so well for my type of shooting (landscapes, portraits). I wouldn't even consider this if I shot a lot of sports though. But for my purposes it's great. I can go very compact and light if I want to, or grab all my lenses other times. The continuous eye autofocus is just insane. I get may more keepers then I ever have with any other camera.

My main gripe? Sometime it can seem to take a decade to review an image at full magnification. Especially if you just fired of several images back to back. If there was any way to speed this up with a firmware update I would leap for joy.

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I really like this one!

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It's getting feisty in here!

Thanks alot Tim, Ed, and sandeepkbhat!

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Everyone who voted for me...THANKS!!!

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Wow, there must've been alot of voters on crack! :) This should've been a shoe-in!

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