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entoman: How incredibly tacky.

De gustibus non disputandum. In Asia they love things like this and Leica knows that.

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User4874739435: The device has no moving parts / mechanisms yet it's not much smaller than the Leitz's original meter for Leica from 70 years ago. Unlike the meter from 70 years ago it's not coupled! It's 2021.

The Leica MC meter had no battery but used a selenium cell to convert light into electricity to power what was essentially a volt meter. Unfortunately selenium cells become less sensitive wilt every photon that hits them and eventually die. I have a box full of dead Leica MC meters and I now use the Voigtländer VC Meter II on my M2 and M3.

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User8242780838: I wonder how long this is going to work, although I 'by nature' like the Leicas. My father learned his first profession 'photographer' using a Leica (M1 I think) after the war and the mechanical quality is gorgeous indeed. But currently they seem to make their money with one special edition after another. After all, they will have to provide some kind of innovation, and be it the user interface (sensors are made by others anyway). No idea, why I should want a white Leica, it´s rather ludicrous, given the purpose of (potentially) professional gear.

Indeed. And if that keeps Leica afloat it's fine with me. I recently bought a second hand Q and I am very happy with it. My M2 and M3 are just sitting in a drawer and don't get used anymore. But for some reason I like Leica and hope they survive.

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jyw5: who is Paul Smith (and do we really care?)

"Who is Paul Smith?" is a rhetorical question. jyw5 probably knows perfectly well who PS is, but all the angry/arrogant replies seem to have missed the point.

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sirhawkeye64: And what if they give US authorities one of their "fake" accounts while never revealing their real social media account(s). I can see this as being a process/procedure that can be easily circumvented.

Reminds me of those green forms you had to fill out on the plane to the US with questions like whether you are a prostitute or a nazi

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Putting a couple of LED's in a flip up flash housing to illuminate video footage can hardly be called an invention.

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turvyT: The only big drawback that this camera and other compacts have is that when the body becomes old, the lens goes with it. And bodies become old pretty soon these days.

We'll eventually have a cottage industry taking the lenses off dead Leica Q's and putting an M mount or something on them. It would be a waste to throw the lens away just because the electronics became U.S.

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Badger O Stripey One: This makes no sense at all unless you intend to be a one lens Leica user. Why would I be tempted to buy that body when I have four silver lenses? And why would anyone buy a green lens if they have one of the two standard bodies? It is stupid. Leica are not at all focused, they are all over the place, just like Apple is under Tim Cook. There may be some justification (but not much) for the odd tweak but it seems to my suspicious mind that Leica are plain greedy, always looking for another way to sting the customer. I am not interested in tweaks, I want IMPROVEMENTS. A silent 8,000 shutter, a 37, even 48 megapixel sensor, get some genius to figure out image stabilisation and autofocus built into the body. Hell, at the prices they charge and the glacial speed of progress that shouldn’t be impossible.

Leica is not in the business of pleasing photographers but in the business of making money so they can pay their employees and shareholders, and they are pretty good at that. No doubt in my mind that these 1500 bodies and 500 lenses will sell and so will the next special edition.

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dan_darkroom: What I don't get:

Why he is selling at fixed price rather than doing an auction to test the market? With an auction you can start at $1 and put a hidden reserve price. So he can still put the $29,999 as reserve price, but if more than one person wants it price can go much higher.

And I wonder if eBay is the right place for such collectors item? Maybe a dedicated camera auction place like Westlicht would be a better place? I am not sure about that one (Westlicht does not have so much non-Leica stuff), just thinking...

Westlicht's buyer's premium is 20 to 30% depending on the type of auction. For some lots (marked *) you also have to pay 20% tax over the hammer price and the premium, which makes them very, very expensive. They also act as a dealer, generaly asking 50% over the fair market value.

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WalPhoto: Such a PITA to read all those hating posts.. When DPR brings an "another Sony version+", there are thousands happy posts. With lenses, the posts count is much lower. And with a new Epson photo paper, only a handful. This shows a lot about the majority picture-takers attitude here.
Let me ask: how many of you have been outside with a full-manual full-analog RF recently? I mean: only the aperture, shutter and a manual distance-guess ring on the fixed lens. Anybody?
I was ;-). I'm doing so every few weeks. Why? Because I love it. I've a pretty good mobile-cam (Xiaomi MI-A2) and I've spent a lot of money into digital DSLR/ML FF/MFT in the past two decades. But nothing resembles that feeling shooting the old film RF. Leica is too pricey for me ;-(.
It's like driving an oldtimer: why/who/when "needs" it? It's slower, louder, smaller, stinkier. But quite few folks enjoy it. No logical reason.
I feel the same joy about such cameras. Adorable lenses, fully manual. The only FF RF I'm aware of.

I took my Rollei 35 SE to Lisbon and Chicago this year instead of a film Leica M because it fits in my pocket and has a very good Zeiss lens. The Leicas stay at home most of the time because I find them too bulky and I don't like to advertise myself as a tourist by walking around with a big camera on my belly. Unfortunately the Rollei is down to its last PX-27 mercury battery, so it may become a doorstop sooner or later :-(

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Jon Porter: It's easy to understand the attraction of film if you look at the overall fascination with obsolete technology. There seem to be lots of guys who enjoy using tube amps, muzzle-loading firearms, manual transmissions, TV antennas, Morse code, vintage computers and other devices from earlier eras.

Zander, please translate, my morse is a bit rusty.

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Simon97: I recall the Kodak and Rapidcolor E6 developing kits. I used to go shoot some rolls on the weekend and come home and develop the slides that night. They looked every bit as good as the lab. You really had to mind your chemistry time and temps.

I still use Tetenal three bath kits to develop my Ektachrome 4x5 slides at 38 degrees centigrade with all three baths "au bain Marie". Works fine and, indeed, there is more leeway than the instructions suggest.

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I like Zagato primarily for their beautiful car bodies, like the Alfa Romeo 6C1750 Zagato from the thirties. This Leica doesn't look bad, but the tenfold Zagato script in its hideous font spoils it all.

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According to my Leica Pocket Book serial number 43703 was part of a batch of Leica Is produced in 1930. Leica may still have records from that era and be able to tell to which dealer the camera was delivered, but the trail wil probably end there.

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Rodenmg: Much better than the Lieca samples. But still a novelty more than anything else. Why anyone would spend so much money on what is basically a horrible lens is beyond me.

Mike: ;-? (tongue in cheek)
Seriously, I think Leica is just trying to create another collectors item and they will probably succeed. They 're good at this game. What it has to do with photography is beyond me however.

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I didn't know that Ilford does this annually. Ilford's is not a charitable institution, so there must be money to be made in analog photography, which I think is a good thing. This is certainly an opportunity not to be missed if you happen to own a banquet camera or a Kodak Cirkut.

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Erik Ohlson: So interesting, but it's obvious that the young lady hasn't a clue about what most of the functions actually do.

Interesting 'extinction meter'.

Camera is so tiny, case so big - a Leica was a better deal, IMHO ;-)

The "very heavy piece of aluminium" (or did she say "aluminum"?) made me wonder too. She didn't sound as if she was very familiar with the camera.
Still a nice video and an interesting camera. It will take you over a minute to take a shot, but I guess the mechanical craftsmanship and finish are second to none.

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AlliHjelm: Amazing camera! Those who cannot afford and/or don't understand should look the other way! 😄

Wonderfull pictures. I am not a Q owner (aspiring to, but have to sell some classic Leica gear first) but I was wondering if these shots are straight out of your camera. They look a bit HDR-ed, or am I wrong?

Addition: or did you cranck up the colour saturation and contrast when shooting?

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Betico: I don't understand all the comments about the cost of this cameras. I'm happy for Leica that they still on business. They make great cameras and there are a bunch of rich people that will buy. I think it is money well spent. Just thinking about all these workers making these cameras, i hope all keep their jobs with a decent pay for many years. 99.78% of all digital cameras are made in China, lets try to be a bit positive and let the remaining 0.22% stay alive. At the end nobody is forced to buy Leica.

I assume that by "modified control arrangement" you mean the ergonomics of the Leica Q, which is the main reason this camera stands out between cameras that force you to leafe through multiple pull down menus and make you miss the decisive moment.

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JEROME NOLAS: A case for the Pink Panther?


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