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On article Fujifilm launches M-mount adapter for X-Pro1's X-mount (97 comments in total)
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xpro1user: I received my Leica M-mount lens adapter today. Clicks into place very well, the manual focusing is perfect, extremely happy with the speed of the manual focusing on my Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2.0 ASPH compared to the Fujifilm 35mm... BUT! a big issue. why can't I take a photo?? The shutter button is stuck, it won't budge. Has anyone got any ideas why this is?

When i adjust the aperture the and focus, the viewfinder adjust accordingly, however, i just can't press down on the shutter button.

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I got the adapter recently, Fuji prevent you form using wide retro-focus M glass by making it physically not possible to mount (or mount but not focus past a few feet) on their adapter. Hence, no smearing from wide angles. Unfortunately, this rules out most Leica wide angles. There's a few Voigtlanders 35 or wider that are compatible... Fuji have a list on their website.

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J Dog: This is a great product, with a caveat.
1. Most likely, If you are a videographer who has been shooting with a 5D and want to step up to a FS100, you now have an upgrade path, and AF really isn't needed.

2. If you have Cannon lenses and own a NEX body, this could allow you to use your nex as a backup, think, macro or landscape photography.

Personally, I fall into number 2, I am going to have to wait and see. $399 is high for my blood, but if I were in catagory 1 above, I would be first in line.

This is not for people shooting sports, action or kids. The MF with peaking is very good, but still not pro level.


I've got a NEX for stills and I've been getting into film with Canon DSLRs. I'm considering a 5D for video work and full-frame stills. This makes it attractive for me to share my Canon glass across both cameras and since I've been practising my focus pulling doing video, I don't see AF as a necessity anymore (perhaps this is how Leica users feel)...

So consider that I invest in a couple of L lenses, 399 suddenly seems less steep to not have to buy dedicated E-mount of the same calibre..

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CriticalI: Since Oly already have an excellent set of 4/3 E system lenses it seems very sensible to team them up with a new reflex camera modelled on the OM retro styling. PEN for mirrorless micro 4/3 and OM for 4/3 reflex.

Make E system users happy too.

Cheer up mate, at least 43 is still the smallest 'true' SLR around.

Plus this will be a bonanza for owners of vintage OMs looking to sell.

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