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Mariano Pacifico: I am not an early adopter. I always wait out until the kinks are sorted out. But this time I AM SOLD OUT. I AM BUYING THIS CAMERA with a condition !!!

The condition is IT MUST COME WITH F-MOUNT ADAPTER. If no Adapter no deal. Period. Non-negotiable.

If Adapter is offered for free after a year WATCH OUT! The sales may not be good so they offer free Adapter to move the units off the shelves.

Or, should I wait out for Mark II or Z7s next year?

Does size really matter? Weight? If size and weight of lenses remains the same is it really worth migrating to Z7?

I am weighing and sizing up my options.

If you pre-order the Z cameras with kit lens, you get the FTZ adapter for $100 off.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4476 comments in total)
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Krav Maga: I was seriously thinking about pre ordering a Z6. I currently have a D750 which has been a great camera, but I've been wanting to go mirrorless for a few different reasons; EVF, silent shutter, etc. But..

Single card slot? Stupid. Yes, the chances of card failure are low, but I recently had a completely unexpected card failure and the second slot saved my bacon. I can't imagine a wedding photographer going with a single slot camera. Why not spend the extra $2 for adding another card slot?

They're not including the lens adapter with the purchase price? Stupid. Nikon should be including the adapter with both the Z6 and Z7 for their stated MSRP. With the bazillion Nikon users out there using F-mount lenses, including the adapter alone would increase adoption of these new cameras hugely over what will otherwise happen.


So, for now, I'm staying put.

Unless I decide to bite the bullet, sell my Nikon gear and jump into Sony with both feet. I'm really thinking about that now.

If you preorder Z6 or Z7 wit hteh 24-70 kit lens the FTZ adapter on Nikon's website is price reduced to $150 from the MSRP of $250.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4476 comments in total)

I wish they could have tested the Z6 AF performance along side the Z7.

I know the D5/D500/D850 all share the same AF module, but reports from people that have used all of them state that there are AF performance differences between them.

I'm sure the implementation and modes are the same, but might it be possible that the Z6 has snappier performance than the Z7?

Inquiring minds would LOVE to know if this is the case.

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Doorslams: You forgot some things that people who like convenience might want to know. For one the xqd cards and readers won't work on a tablet without plugging them into a power supply which defeats the purpose of them being portable. I now just went back to SD so I can send to my ipad quickly. Also the Bluetooth and wifi are slow and not dependable. If you have older batteries they wont work on the d500 and you have to send them in to Nikon to have them replaced. Pain in the A. If you don't shoot wildlife I would say go for the D750, which is what I wish I would have done. It's a fine camera but all of the convince upgrade I thought I'd be getting didn't pan out so I'd rather get FF for the same price.

The comment about the XQD card and reader not working workout external power is not true. I download images from my XQD cards all the time in my Pixel C work no external power.

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grock: So I've been wondering this for years, having only barely used Lightroom at all over the past decade: When I started out I didn't have Lightroom, and used Photoshop, Bridge, and Camera Raw, and I've got my system pretty down pat. What is the advantage of Lightroom? Is it more the organization tools?

Org tools, batch adjustments, everything under one roof so to speak.

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