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GodSpeaks: I received my Pocket 2 last week and have been doing some shooting with it. There are a number of cons, or things I would like to see addressed in a firmware upgrade. I bought the basic kit ($349).

* Still MUST be activated using the "app"
* The side mount USB connector will not connect to your phone if you have your phone in a case (as most people do).
* Nice that it comes with an attachable tripod socket, but access to the bottom USB port is now through a deeply recessed tunnel. Not all USB connectors are small enough to make a connection.
* Nice that the P2 now comes with the joystick. BUT, the functions of the adjacent button require either 1, 2 or 3 clicks in rapid sequence. If you are a tad too slow, you will end up activating the wrong function. What would be nice would be if the number of button clicks to activate a function could be user assignable.

I agree about the power button. I'm constantly turning the Pocket 2 on when trying to put it in the case or remove the tripod mount.

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IPhone photo quality meets my needs 95% of the time and it is always with me. What is tough for me to do without is a viewfinder and longer zoom.

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wkingsie: I just use my Panasonic ZS110, wifi tethered to my IPhone 5s (which I keep in my pocket).

The ZS110 is also pocketable, cost me only $600 Australian (delivered), and has a larger 1" Sensor, with a Leica lens with 25-250mm reach (It also records 4k video).

If the camera is set to JPG, it automatically/immediately uploads the captured photo to the IPhone's camera roll. I can then view, text or email the photos as required.

I also do this with my a7rii, but the Sony playmemories app is not as good as the Panasonic liveimage app.


How's battery life on the phone and the camera when you do that?

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Why did they remove the Snapseed editing features?

Still would like to add my own keywords.

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Markomuel: I too have the ZS3 and from pictures I've seen this 20x zoom baby may just have the same or even better IQ. If so than I can’t wait to update for all the new features including the impressive zoom, great burst speed, ultra-fast focusing, great low light capability, AVCHD format, 1080p 30 in MP4 format, GPS, and the list goes on. No, the shutter doesn’t stay open for 60 seconds, it’s a travel zoom. I don’t want to carry a tripod when I don’t take my Rebel. If 20x zoom is not important than definitely get the Canon S100 for the F2.0 and larger sensor. You can't compare this thing with bigger cameras!

The ZS20 is obviously designed to be the smallest with the most.

The ZS3 is about as big as I want to carry on my belt. The ZS-20 is substantially thinner by 5mm!! (Same as the S-100). That, and hopefully a decent IQ, is what will sell it. Images I've seen are good but I’ll need to take my own before I can judge if this is the one that will replace my ZS3.

Although they look the same size on paper, the S100 is significantly smaller than the zs20 when you see them side by side.

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