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PKJC: Now if 5 years ago I'd taken the $700 I spent of CS6 and bought Adobe Stock it would be worth around $3600 today...which I could then turn around and invest in a conservative investment paying a 3% annual dividend or roughly around $120 a year ($10/month). I would then have Photoshop for life instead of a 5 year old out-of-date program!! If only I had a crystal ball :(

I offer Thought R Us (didn't they just go bust?) one word.


Predicting the future by looking at the 25% net profit now is risky.

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Doug Pardee: Briscoe has acknowledged on YouTube that this is a composite video. The aurora was captured in 360, and the moon was captured as a timelapse on a normal camera with a telephoto lens, then he combined the images in post.

That would make sense as the Aurora appears to be behind the eclipsed moon. Which would not be possible.

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On a photo in the International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 Winners sample gallery (2 comments in total)

They don’t look very happy.

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I've seen the clouds go dark for a total in the UK. I've seen a 97.5% partial with partial cloud cover, also here in the U.K.

I planned this total for a while, ending up west of Idaho Falls, in vast open country that could have taken thousands more people. I persuaded my family that this was worth the additional cost of a holiday in August and some inconvenience.

I had to buy a tripod out there, and had to drive 5 hours from where we were staying. We slept a littl whilst in the car and I set up D7100, 200-500mm lens and 1.4 TC to give me an equivalent of 1050mm. I both watched the eclipse and took photos of it. My family also took some photos, of the surroundings and of totality through an iPhone. I've got memories and a stunning record. Win win.

Oh, and totality is totally different from a partial.

I'm plannnig for 2024 now...

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On photo Avro Vulcan XH558. in the Strategic Bombers challenge (2 comments in total)

They were practising for their flyby. They hadn't flown together before. I got to meet the pilots from the little planes afterwards and asked them what they had been doing to the West "you weren't supposed to see that!" they said. I'd forgotten this challenge was on, I've got shots of them on their flyby.

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)

I use three CS applications. I do not want just one, or all of them.

I've been a 'skip a generation' upgrader or swoop when the price is right (like when I got a copy of Design Pro in Boston for HALF the price in the UK - Adobe have never been able to do exchange rates)

Any I think this will be resolved over the next few years as the CS versions age and wither. More Apps will appear in the Apple App Store that do the things that CS does. We will get used to using several apps to do what one did before, and we will pay a tiny fraction of the price for that inconvenience.

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Shame he put breath rather than breathe, otherwise it would have made sense.

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