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Ashley Pomeroy: "Yesterday the Hipstamatic team was reduced from a team of 11 to a mere six employees"

I like to imagine that the CEO got the employees together, threw a broken snooker cue on the floor, and gave them six minutes to halve their numbers - or he was gonna kill them *all*.

I have it on good authority that this is exactly how it went down. Were you there, too?

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There's some merit in artless documentary photography. A lot of life is banal. Showing that is all right.

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There is nothing jawdroppingly stupid about this. /sarcasm

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On article Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers (98 comments in total)

If I ever get in that situation I'll just wait for the other photographer to move.

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I'm thinking Tamron's OEM business is really hoppin' lately.

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)

It's like effects boxes and electric guitar. Fine in the right hands, but not to be substituted for sound fundamentals and a little taste and artistry.

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I'm pretty macho, so I figure with VR I'll be handholding that baby at 1/125 of a second.

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French people are a little edgier than Americans. They can probably handle this. Also, Trey is almost making the "Gallic Shrug," the national gesture of France.

Hey, is there an American national gesture?

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Wubslin: At least he wasn't using a Nikon. We should be grateful for that at least.


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On article Sigma stabilizes 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC APO OS HSM (19 comments in total)
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PK24X36NOW: Certainly not "smaller;" it is in fact exactly the same size as the 70-200 f 2.8 OS (3.4 x 7.8"). It has ONE less glass element, so it might be a teensy bit lighter, but not enough so that it makes any difference. This despite having LESS depth of field isolation at maximum aperture (a truly "equivalent" APS-C would have to be a stop faster, which would actually not only make it lose the supposed size and weight "advantage," it would actually make it heavier than the FF equivalent, based on this lens' specs).

Sigma needs to ditch this OS line. Their ergonomics suck, and as noted below, the prices are too high to make them attractive alternatives to Nikon/Canon glass.

You don't have to buy it.

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On photo Bluebird Delivery Service in the Bird Houses challenge (7 comments in total)

Really nice!

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K_Photo_Teach: The Nikon 808 has a tiny lens and doesnt seem limited by the lens. Some tests here:
compare is favourably with even FF DSLRs.

Nokia 808.

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Why doesn't DxO support this camera already? They are sooooo lame!

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Best story ever.

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On photo SFW-9-Leila--o78sjo in JDSledge's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Well, that's terrifying.

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bigdaddave: Good luck using a Leica in that neighborhood

53rd and 5th Ave in Manhattan is one of the most expensive locations in the world. It's also the location of the historic Saint Thomas Church. If there's anywhere a Leica fits in, it would be there.

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On photo L1013612 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (6 comments in total)

Iz wot?

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On a photo in the Leica M-Monochrom Preview Samples sample gallery (6 comments in total)

Iz wot?

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Faintandfuzzy: Good lord. A bunch of posts by a bunch of whiners who are just bitter they can't afford this new camera.

Nonsense. I have pre-ordered mine, and chosen its place in my display case already.

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