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sarkozy: shutter 1/4000 is to bad
a shutter 1/8000 or 1/16000 (electronically) could have induced me to buy this camera

Look, if you don't have 1/16,000, how are you going to be able to shoot ISO 1600 at F 0.9 in full sunlight? LOL.

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On article Canon PowerShot D20 (83 comments in total)

Blanket comment: Christ, what a bunch of whiners. Do any of you actually like to take, or view photographs, or do you all just like to look at MTF and chromatic aberration charts? You're like the old-school "audiophiles" who don't actually enjoy music, but instead spend all their time looking at sound-pressure and frequency response charts. Maybe if someone could create an auditory mapping of a sharpness chart and play it through a high-end stereo you could all find something to be cheery about.

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CameraLabTester: There is only one specification needed for a P&S for Kids:



Comment edited 35 years after posting

I got 'em a Nikon AW110 for that reason.

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dale thorn: Based on the comments here, DPReview readers must be very sad and unhappy people who, instead of spending their extra money on tangible collectors items like this Leica, are instead spending their money on doctors and drugs to fix the ills they bring on themselves with all of their unhappiness. Just look around....

Wait, you can buy drugs to be happy? Why was I not informed of this before? No more snark for me!

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That seems like a pretty nice Lumix, all right.

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On article Roger Cicala gets inTouit with a new Zeiss lens (46 comments in total)

[insert obligatory Nikon/Canon/Sigma/Sony/Leica/Tokina fanboy comment here]
(and note that if you snark me I will call you, or imply that you are, a fanboy)

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RichRMA: Is anyone going to admit they hate it mostly because they can't afford it?

Not me. It's a ridiculously ugly housing on a perfectly ordinary camera. It's like buying a Toyota Camry with a bunch of burl wood trim and gold plated plastic. And the one in the photo isn't even clean!

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Boy, that's grim.

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RXVGS: 'Jif' vs 'Gpeg'

I _believe_ the correct pronunciation is Gpej!

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Amazon, why are you doing Adobe's market research for them? Do you think that you will lose sales with the move away from boxed/downloadable software licensing?

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On article Snapzoom brings any smartphone closer to the action (27 comments in total)

Thank goodness! I was expecting some ridiculous kludge. (eyeroll)

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wlachan: Way overrated band.

i'm sure your band is better.

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On article ACD Systems issues ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 15 (75 comments in total)
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Please read, found an important flaw that can lead to total destruction of data. I canceled my pre-order after I found it.

Basically ACDSee demands that you place the 'file delete' confirm at the OS level (recycle bin option) vs leaving it as an option limited to ACDSee image review manipulation.

Before we could select tools-option-file management confirm delete behavior on/off. Now this being set at the OS level. This means that if you accidentally select 'delete' when at the disk level or while opening a file (any program), say good bye to your data until you retrieve it from the recycle bin.

I am an IT consultnt and system administrator and ACDSee is now off my list of recommendation for those I consult for and definitively barred from the network I administer.

Note this information (use recycling option) came from ACDSee tech support.

Seems a little panicky. It's in the recycle bin if accidentally deleted.

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Wow...all the crappiness of cell phone pics, without the bother of a phone!

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Vitruvius: It will not be permitted to to have FLASH, pop-up or otherwise.

Well, I got it!

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CaseyComo: Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the look of a single exposure. If the sky is too bright, expose for the shadows and use a grad ND filter.

Thanks all for great comments. Agree, orange grad filter generally no es bueno.

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On article HDR for the Rest of Us (196 comments in total)

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the look of a single exposure. If the sky is too bright, expose for the shadows and use a grad ND filter.

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Camediadude: I will celebrate the failure of any company that concocts a fraudulent backstory like 'hipstamatic' shamelessly did.

I read the pages you linked. I don't think anyone was meant to believe that silly story.

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