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Jonathan Sabin: Far too many people automatically dismiss HDR images as horrible, over-processed garbage.

This probably stems from the fact that when HDR first became available "for the masses" (as opposed to doing it manually in Photoshop with creative, time-consuming masking of the individual frames), a lot of photographers set all of the dials to "11" creating other-worldly images where everyone wore dayglo clothing and the skies looked like 3-D landscapes.

Nothing looked even remotely realistic.

But done properly, HDR (by definition!) simply preserves the highlights from getting blown out, while preventing the dark areas from being invisible. Much like our eyes do... since the dynamic range of our eyes FAR exceeds that of any camera's sensor.

Good for Apple for improving upon an already useful tool.

Agreed. When done well, HDR makes a very positive difference.

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Barty L: I grew up in a remote town in New South Wales in the late '60s. We were off the national grid, so people had to make their own electricity. After about 10pm all the generators had been shut down and lights turned off. There were no street lights and we were 100s of kilometres from the nearest large country town. On a clear night you could see every celestial object that could be seen with the naked eye - a vast jewelled ocean of light. People who have this obscured from them by light pollution have been cheated out of something thrilling and wonderful.

Makes me want to move there 😃

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Useful video 👍

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On photo As Above, So Below in the Stained Glass challenge (7 comments in total)

Good interpretation of the theme 👍

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'Fake' seems to be in vogue these days

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LMCasey: Kodak could have been on the leading edge of digital photography, but they were too slow, too blind. Now they are reduced to this.

Yes, the mighty have fallen

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On photo .....the ROYAL LOTUS 2017/08/25-NEW YORK..... in the Wild flowers challenge (14 comments in total)

Beautiful capture

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stevenbrantley: I have seen seahorses being BBQ'd on a street vendor's grill in South Korea. is that "tragic"?

In America we do similar, for example, 'hot dogs'

Aside from those who are 100% vegetarian, we are all guilty, directly or indirectly

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On photo Wish You Were Here in the Street musician playing challenge (5 comments in total)
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Mehdi TR: Why there is no-one listening to him? :/

The photographer listened, then made a donation, then took the shot

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On photo Wish You Were Here in the Street musician playing challenge (5 comments in total)


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Peter62: No one should support PETA any longer! They have ruined an innocent photographer.
I can not forgive PETA for what they have done.


Ruining an innocent person was their goal. They are less about loving animals and more about hating humans. The animal thing is just the vehicle to manifest their inner hate.

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Oh brother 🙈

As a man I am not ashamed to state publicly that I moved to mirrorless for the smallest size and weight. Best camera is the one you have with you 😃

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Any decision that hurts or hihders a human is a victory for Peta. It is less that they love animals and more that they hate humans, and simply use animals as a vehicle to work that hate.

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On photo 2012.05.20 Annular Eclipse in Texas in the Eclipse challenge (3 comments in total)


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cosmicnode: When I look at the keystone shots the buildings appear larger at the top as if the effect is overdone, is this just me, or a optical illusion ?

The effect is not automatic but user controlled

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I was a relatively happy fuji user beginning late 2012, but wanted a stabilized macro lens badly. I waited for years for the Fuji 120mm macro but it never arrived and got cancelled. It was replaced by the shorter 80mm macro othe road map. I knew if the 80mm ever arrived I would would miss two summers worth of flower and bug shooting so I moved over to Olympus. With Olympus I could use my 90mm Tamron f/2.8 macro IBIS. I was happy, and then also picked up the Olympus 60mm macro. Same FOV as the Fuji 80mm but it is so small i can take it anywhere. Now that the Fuji macro has finally been released, and the size and price is known, I am so glad I switch over. Fuji glass and cameras are great, no question, but the delay with fuji to produce a stailized solution for closeup work forced me to switch - and I never looked back. Now that this lens is know, i am doubly glad I made the move.

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Pretty low to do this sort of thing. No real personal glory

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Any news about that organic sensor Panasonic and Fuji have been working on. It was supposed to increase DR and reduc noise. It has been three years away for the past four years 😃

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Hello123: I'm not so sure Adams would be pleased with the direction his country has gone.

I'm sure he would be displeased.

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Ouch ☚ī¸

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