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  • Focus peaking is great in more cases than a rangefinder. Automatic zoom in EVFs when focusing works very well too. Personally the old microprisms in SLRs we're my favorite (split view in the...

  • You can manually focus a camera with autofocus. Just a thought.

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    Fair points. Actually it looks like Leica has managed to outdo Sony which is impressive just on its own — including being able to read the sensor at 11fps which is almost as fast as Canon's flagship.

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    EVFs aren't there until you can burn out your retina by pointing the camera into the sun while looking through them?

    Leica's problem is that they're a serious NIH company. They could just use a...

  • Doesn't seem to be doing much more than making pictures brown.

  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    Again, no-one is talking about "doodling around with menus". The most retro of retro cameras has two or three extra dials that are equivalent to a button plus dial combo on the lowest end Nikon...

  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    The target audience for these cameras is not avid readers of dpreview but folks who buy a bundle at a big box retailer or Best Buy. For such buyers it's important to have "a new model" to compete...

  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    I'm a bit confused by people who complain about this. A low end Nikon actually has great controls. In aperture priority mode the rear dial under your thumb controls aperture. In shutter priority it...

  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    I agree and it's annoying that camera makers who could put a real pentaprism and a big viewfinder in a $200 film SLR decided to use crappy viewfinders as a price differentiator in $1000 DSLRs...

  • I think Leica is getting plenty of buzz for the M10 (and in fact gets plenty of buzz for everything it does). Retro cameras do get a disproportionate amount of buzz to be sure (cough, Nikon Df,...

  • D810 or 5DS and a bunch of Otuses and a nice trip instead?

  • Um, Leica M8? Olympus Pen? Both predate the X100.

  • The price is outrageous. Fortunately, there's competition (duet).

  • It came out over a year ago?

  • @ottok — Apple's concern is security not developer convenience. Anything that lets an app change your network settings is a huge security problem. Again — a wired connection is the answer.

  • @Richard Butler: I think it's up to the camera makers to figure out how to make this stuff work; they've had a long time to do so.

    DxO went with a hard connection to the camera, which is actually...

  • A 35mm f1.2 DX prime would have the same DoF as a 50mm f1.8 FX prime — guess what, Nikon sells one of those (for $200) and it's superb. Exactly what market would the exotic 35 serve?

    What I'd like...

  • The 35mm 1.8 is very nice, small, cheap, and light. A 35 1.2 would almost certainly not be cheap or light.

  • You can use a camera like this with FF lenses via adapter, and shoot square or FF portrait without tilting the camera.

  • Feritol – Sony has on sensor phase detect on the A6xxx and A7/A7mk ii. Not dissing Canon, just pointing out that "dual pixel" is just branding tech that (ironically) Nikon came out with first (and...

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