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I bought a "Patti" tripod from 3 Legged Thing for my star tracker.

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Would palladium photographic paper work for this?

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jim seekers: Will this be available on all android smartphone's or is it just for Google Pixel phones as it is not on my Huawei P30 Pro yet.

"This update will go live in the Google Play Store this week. If you don’t already have the Google Photos app, you can download it for free"

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Proper ventilation, proper chemical handling and disposal. I've moved on.

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entoman: I'm not a thermal engineer but it would seem to me that the logical thing to do would be to transfer the heat by conduction directly to a part of the camera body that isn't touched by the hands, i.e. the base plate.

Another option would be to transfer it to a thermal port, into which an accessory cooling device could be plugged. This accessory could then be pruchased by the presumably very small number of R5 buyers who actually want or need to shoot video for periods in excess of 30 mins.

I was thinking of a cooling system incorporated into the camera strap where coolant enters one side, flows through and out the other side up to an active radiator on the saddle of the strap and then flows back to the camera. A closed loop cooling system.

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Fast upload speeds.

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Does the animal detection autofocus (AF) work on black cats and black labs?

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timbazi: I'd like these for EF-EOSM adapter

Like this -

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kiri: The biggest downside to this camera IMO is that it's L-mount.
That immediately makes it a costly and limited option given the prices of the lenses.
If there were more budget lenses available, it would be a great video camera.

Mount converter MC-21, CANON EF to L mount.

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Bring back Polachrome!

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I owned the Minolta Talker, a 35mm P&S that gave verbal queues such as "Too dark, use flash". It was my take everywhere camera.

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There must be a reason you're not listing prices for the EF-M mount for a story about EF-M mount primes.

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wolfloid: The rules sound good to me. These are potentially dangerous and privacy-invading toys, they are not necessary. On the odd occasion that a scientist or serious filmmaker needs to use one, they can apply for special permission. Otherwise keep them far, far away from airports, residences, wildlife and peaceful countryside, or shoot them down and fine the owners.

@Lee Jay - How do these proposed rules compare to those imposed on model aircraft?

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Sigma SD1?

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How does it compare to the PillCam?

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Jesse_Just_Him: What's the brown stuff in the middle? Looks like wood to me...

Maybe it's a photo of a framed picture.

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The dark brown edge to edge horizontal strip looks like wood molding in the higher res version.

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What would Ansel Adams do?

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On article Nokia allegedly working on 5-camera smartphone (135 comments in total)

Maybe one of the cameras will have x-ray vision like the glasses sold in the back pages of magazines.

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Does it shoot raw?

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