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johnmcpherson: I cut my teeth on Kodak film. Ektacrome, Tri-X 400, Kodachrome, Kodak paper, Kodak IR film. Developing my own; color and black & white, film and paper. "It was magic."

Nothing in the digital world compares, or even comes close to the magic of those days. And I mean nothing. For those of you who have never watched a print "come up" under red light you have no idea...

There is something about film and paper. It's intangible yet it's there. They just look more real, better, or surreal if that's what you were after. I can't describe it but the artist in me knows and knows when it's missing. And, it's always missing from digital. Maybe it's the analog vs digital phenomenon; I don't know but it is real and; I miss it.

And I will miss you Kodak.

This is not the last of your problems Kodak; you are heading down a slippery slope. I doubt if you will even exists at the end of this decade.

What a shame.

My sentiments exactly. Well said John.

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