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A lot of cool stuff, my favorite being the 4/3 sensor. But 3k-5k, for real? That’s such an outrageous jump from my air 2s I was just shocked. And then you put the same controller with it? It’s just not good enough for what it could’ve been. Thanks for calling it out DPreview, this was one of the more negative first impressions I’ve read on here… and it should be because there are way too many shortcomings on these drones.

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As I often photo edit (I assume we all do here) and only the occasional video edit I am coming from a slow and chugging 13" pro with i5 2.4ghz and 16gb memory. I can hardly edit video with it, let alone play it back while editing at 4k.

Big enough upgrade to see better speeds and less slowdowns to go with the m1 pro and 16gb memory? (the base model) or push it to 32gb memory?

Some study will have to commence for this! or help here too!

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The Aperture ring is very nice touch. It’s looking really nice.

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I understand the frustration but these are regulations put in place from an aviation standpoint not a camera enthusiast standpoint. There’s a lot of cavalier drone pilots flying without any care and not understanding the danger it could pose to an aircraft or people underneath it.

If you look at it that way and the fact it took me 15 minutes to do this test and print it for free. And $5 to register my drone it was pretty simple.

And in my experience outside of large cities and large airports the airspace is pretty open and easy to fly in. And even within those restricted areas the LAANC is incredibly easy to use and honestly it’s been fun learning all of this. But I come from a family of pilots and I think that brings with it different perspective. Few things are as regulated as flight, even at a more recreational level, and this has a reason to be lumped in with that.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony a1 review (680 comments in total)

Great review guys, I am very impressed by this camera just trying to figure out if I can justify the price, the good part is that it is clearly future proofed and I really don’t think I would be looking at any other cameras for a long time, this will be state-of-the-art for quite awhile.

I say that now though, we all know it’s hard.

Secondly, Jordan you look great behind that dum set!

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Sannaborjeson: The colors do not look very impressive indeed. I guess this camera is mainly about speed and resolution.

Where’s the proof for anything like this? I cannot ever see it even on a great monitor and can’t it just be changed in post? You don’t have to use Sony profiles in lightroom, I certainly don’t most of the time.

I say this in honest confusion not just trying to stir up trouble but it is on EVERY Sony camera review.

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On article Sony a1 sample gallery (457 comments in total)

Are the posted 48-55 mb files the lossless compressed? Silly thing to be excited about but thats a lot space saving from an a7RIV!

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JScherer75: Hear me out, I have an A7RIV and I’ve recently been thinking on getting a second body possibly for more sports ie A9II or more video ie a7siii and those two bodies cost more than the a1 which is working on putting them all into one, Price starts to bother me a little less then? Maybe I’m a touch crazy here on this one but it’s what I’ve been thinking on.

Scottelly, yeah I was thinking of getting one but not both other bodies. I see what you mean but I’m looking for the added functionality, not just the smaller megapixel count. A more usable electronic shutter (obviously this one is amazing) and I’m not primarily video but a bit better video specs helps too as well as no blackout shooting, things that make it easier to use like a new menu and lossless compressed raws. Everything all put together is what has my attention to allow me to do it in one body rather than buying multiple. I just feel it’s a bit more about the additional features and not just on shooting at a smaller megapixel size in the a7RIV

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On article DPReview TV: Chris and Jordan react to the Sony a1 (362 comments in total)

Thanks for the preview guys great check of the facts and details without any annoying hype or other junk.

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Hear me out, I have an A7RIV and I’ve recently been thinking on getting a second body possibly for more sports ie A9II or more video ie a7siii and those two bodies cost more than the a1 which is working on putting them all into one, Price starts to bother me a little less then? Maybe I’m a touch crazy here on this one but it’s what I’ve been thinking on.

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xavierniebla: Nice specs, amazing tech but still cramped into an uncomfortable body, with a tilting LCD screen from 10 years ago. Why Sony insist on a body so small?
You'll pay $6500 just to realize that your fingers can't fit between the grip and the lens...

I hope that some of these features like lossless 14 bit compressed RAW and full-frame lower-res RAW translate to my A7R IV via a firmware update. The new menu system is known not to be possible, so sad.

My hand is a size XL glove, over 8 inches from base to middle finger and my a7RIV is very good and I have a very solid grip, no it isn’t like my old D850 but the size savings is worth it. I have 24 to 70 2.8 from sigma, Sony 100 to 400 and I’ve never had any concerns with my fingers getting stuck… I will never understand this complaint, and I just see it all the time.

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(unknown member): Is any one here going to buy one? Specs look great but $6500 in the US eliminates almost any consumer looking at FF cameras. Anyone disagree?

So while the R5 is #1 at Map Camera, I don't see most of those buyers considering a $6500 camera (almost $3000 more) at all.

Extremely confused here, avid a7RIV user and I could sell it, get this, I realize the price is extremely high, and it’s basically everything in one body. This is a weird way to think about it but it’s cheaper than an a7riv and a7SIII or the other combo I was thinking a7RIV and a9II.

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tkbslc: Weird naming convention.

A7, then A9, then A1? So is a higher number better or worse?

“All in one” I think is the meaning of the name

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Chance for lossless compressed firmware in other cameras?

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StuCotts: Anybody watching NFL playoffs? Not sure why but for the last few weeks there is someone running around on field with a mirrorless on a gimbal that actually makes it on to the broadcast. Not sure which manufacture it is, I *think* I heard it was a Sony. Whatever it is, it is embarrassing to the mirrorless camera world, the thing hunts focus like crazy, locks on to things that do not make sense in the frame and then hunts again. Horrible to watch, it is easy to tell as it looks very different than the broadcast camera's and more than likely nothing is in focus.

Thought I would ask here as it makes sense as this is a discussion on 4 different manufactures and their *fast* autofocus.

Anybody else see this?

Watching it right now... fun idea but I just seems like the Depth of field is wildly too shallow and it’s barely keeping one player in focus. Just seems sloppy where the idea is fun and a noticeable change from the broadcast cameras.

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I just couldn’t quite do the Panasonic AF, and the cost of the lenses are extremely prohibitive on the Nikon and Canon but I credit them for how well they’ve made the cameras and everything that goes along with that.

But I went with A7RIV because I was able to get the body, Sigma 24-70 2.8, and 14-24 2.8 for cheaper than the Nikon and Canon plus one lens.

It’s just hard to look past that even if there’s other things I liked more on the other cameras. And now that I have taken the time to get used to the menu system it isn’t *that* bad and I have really come to like the camera.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony 35mm F1.4 GM review (55 comments in total)

Man right as I’m comparing the new Sigma 35 f/2 and Sony 35 f/1.8 this comes out. Maybe those still win and still being compact compared to this... 280 for the 1.8, 325 for the Sigma, and 524 here for the 1.4. Hmmm...

This might be comparing apples to oranges a little bit.

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Reactive: I'm getting really bored with all the drone shots in every outdoor TV show. The photographers have become plain lazy, and instead of scouting good locations and framing nice scenes to show you what it's like to be there, it's just "launch the drone again" to fill 20 minutes of the hour - all without having to setup/carry the camera, tripod, and lenses or walk anywhere.

You made me realize a little bit what was annoying me with drones. Another thought I had is that it sort of made me think, can I get the pro-level shots I want without a drone, specifically thinking landscapes. The reality I’m coming to realize is yes, the opposite may be true that the drones are overused!

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On article Canon Powershot Zoom sample gallery (DPReview TV) (36 comments in total)

I mean let’s be honest it looks like when I zoom in to 10x on my iPhone 11.


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I use mainly an A7RIV, is it weird to think I’d rather have the 100-400 from Sigma or Sony over the 70-200 2.8?

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